Boyish Song Joong Ki Wanders Old and Modern Hong Kong in Summer Bazaar Pictorial

This year’s Hallyu surge may have come to a screeching halt thanks to political posturing over South Korea installing the US-built THAAD deployment so close to Chinese range. Of course politics can intrude on entertainment, it always had and always will, and in this case one wonders how long it’ll last and which actors/actresses/dramas/films will get affected in the interim. It must be a relief for the biggest Hallyu break out star this year Song Joong Ki, to have his Descendants of the Sun already done airing and basically on the downward cycle of it’s airing lifespan. He gamely did all the Chinese-related promotions for the drama but hasn’t capitalized on opportunities there beyond appearing in a few varieties and doing pictorials and CFs. One of the last magazine spreads to come out was June’s Bazaar Hong Kong feature that captures old gritty Hong Kong street scenes and the interior of a swanky Hong Kong hotel, the two sides of a bustling cosmopolitan city. I love how the visual dichotomy of this series.


Boyish Song Joong Ki Wanders Old and Modern Hong Kong in Summer Bazaar Pictorial — 18 Comments

  1. I love how natural this feels. It just looks like the eminently and eternally gorgeous Song Joong Ki and not some overly airbrushed and made up version of him. He is so beautiful anyhow, don’t mess with perfection!

  2. Descendants of the Sun momentarily convinced me that he was a grown man, but this photoshoot is a reminder that Song Joong-ki is actually eternally 22.

  3. I’m not sure. Wasn’t that white casual wear one of his wears in DotS? I like how these pictorials look so effortlessly laid back. Even some of the C products he endorsed pulled out his CF, He’s fortunate to still get paid what the contracts promised. Financially, there’s no losses incurred to him and his agency. I don’t think he’s currently interested in any C-K collab either.

  4. I honestly don’t think he’s the most handsome Asian actor. But his versatile and dynamic acting makes him charismatic.

    • Most handsome Asian actor?
      Lol that’s a stretch… What happened to Indian actors Philippines etc don’t get me wrong Koreans look good for Koreans but when you place them near other countries they look basic as hell which explains why they don’t have any world recognized beauty… And which explains why song joong ki will never will never win nor enter people’s magazine sexiest man alive list

      • No insult. I recalled those Indian models or celebrities or whatever nugus you identified as top beauties before. They are astounding bland and look a bit old to me, specifically their skins – common pre mature aging signs due to the diet satuarated with beef/lamb/cheese. LOL Who cares those countries you mentioned above? At least I don’t give a dang. No offense.

    • They aren’t dating… Thought they have refuted that rumour like a billion times… Song hye kyo has said it time and again that she doesn’t date pretty boys… Look at her dating History all the men she has dated in the past are men who actually look like real men.

      • Am a half Korean myself my dad is Hispanic and my mum from Seoul…so I can be bias but I won’t…. I play my our drama to my friends all the time… They have a hard time identifying who is who… Even Kim tae hee the renowned beauty was severally confused for the nurse taking care of her in Yong pal… This goes to show you that it’s only Koreans that view Koreans as beautiful. Other countries don’t… Once your beauty is not globally recognized it’s hard to count you as beautiful .

      • I got a lot of Asian friends in my circle. They constantly told me they had hard time distinguishing facial features of the westerners and couldn’t register in their head one face from another. LOL…So when you speak of who’s prettier, it’s all subjective. Just don’t use your standards to apply to everyone. To be short, what you think is beautiful is not a truth of universe. For me, I still consider K celebrities look way more beautiful in average than the Western beauties.

      • “Once your beauty is not globally recognized, it’s hard to count you as beautiful,” I LOL-ed so hard at this. Must be tough living in your environment aye, being of mixed race and not feeling the Korean aesthetic. Look, beauty isn’t one faceted. You can view it on the surface level (commercially brainwashed perception of beauty) or you can take time to appreciate the diversity that this world has to offer and see everyone as beautiful in their own rights, including you and I.

  5. Looks soo good. He doesn’t have to be in the list of sexiest man or something, and I doubt he cares about that too rather than being a well-recognized, great actor – yet he still very good looking and could pull both the innocent and manly look when he wants. Rise SJK!

    Oh, and in my opinion, he and SHK are so dating. Cheers!

    • He really is good looking. He’s so baby-faced and has the flower boy looks yet he’s definitely manly. And, I also think they are dating.

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