Oh Yeon Seo Cast as Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin in Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap

The Cheese in the Trap movie is one huge step towards reality today with news that K-actress Oh Yeon Seo has been cast as the female lead. It’s long been known that drama Cheese in the Trap female lead Kim Go Eun would not be reprising her role opposite male lead Park Hae Jin, who is back for the movie and really makes the whole thing feel like an attempt to do him and his character justice after the drama version botched the entire second half. The casting of Oh Yeon Seo feels like a smart coup move, she’s been a steady success in dramas and her last role in SBS drama Please Come Back Ahjusshi was tour de force awesome, far and away the single best thing in that production. K-netizens are positive towards her these days and the Cheese movie could use starting off on the right foot. I approve and good luck to making this movie worthwhile to watch.


I don’t think Kim Go Eun is off crying in her bed over not being back for the Cheese movie – she’s got boyfriend Shin Ha Kyun to snuggle with and the female lead role in Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming tvN fantasy drama Goblin opposite Gong Yoo. I thought Kim Go Eun did a fantastic job as the female lead Hong Seol but not so iconic that Oh Yeon Seo has nothing to work with, and Oh Yeon Seo’s comedic timing is impeccable so I think this will work out acting wise.


Oh Yeon Seo Cast as Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin in Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap — 17 Comments

  1. Recall that Oh Yeon Seo was one of the actresses linked to the drama adaptation. Look forward to her version of Hong Seol.

  2. Just the idea of a movie with the same actor for the male lead is really weird for me. And it’s not like we have the time to “forget” the other actors, this projet comes too soon.

    And Oh Yeon Seo will be in two remakes that hat some issues in the process… I wonder if it’s a good idea.

    But I think she a good actress 🙂

    • There really wasn’t a specific reason as to why, nor was anything ever officially stated as to why. From what I’ve read, the producers began to favor Baek In Ho, the second male lead, over Park Hae Jin’s character. They started going a different direction that what the original webtoon writer had written after like episode 6, where she stated that they stopped contacting her and informing her of the content or something like that. It was also found out that a majority of his scenes were actually cut from the last couple of episodes, which he expressed his regret about. Honestly, I think the producers and writers wanted to make it into a love triangle and began to add in Baek In Ho scenes to draw sympathy from fans towards his character and I guess make the drama a lot more interesting. I believe it did the exact opposite of what they were going for, and made fans angrier because of the reduction of Park Hae Jin’s character all together. I’m just hope that the movie stays truer to the webtoon than the drama and lets Park Hae Jin’s character shine or be prominent as it was supposed to be.

  3. I still don’t understand why they cut his scenes out and now I don’t understand why he would reprise his role in the film…

    • This movie actually a request from China buyers since they expected so much after buying that mess of a drama after PHJ being the one who advertise it in China. I think they are kinda disappointed since they bought the drama because PHJ name as a lead, and yet his scenes got cut so badly, baek inho’s piano even has more scenes than him.

  4. You have no idea how happy I am that Oh Yeon Seo is Hong Seol. She and Park Hae Jin were THE ideal casting for Hong Seol and sunbae when the webtoon gained popularity.

    Her casting is well received because K-netizens and the author wanted her from the beginning. Kim Go Eun had her work cut out because she wasn’t. She did good in the drama but she wasn’t the Hong Seol from the webtoon.

    Park Hae Jin deserves a second shot since the author clearly had him in mind when she wrote the story. TvN originally did too before idiot PD started her weird obsession over Baek InHo and the piano.

    I think the film version of Cheese in the Trap will make fans much happier than what TvN did for their drama series.

    The film will be more faithful to the webtoon for sure since the author is on board creatively as well.

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