Ji Chang Wook as The K2 Rocks the Bodyguard Look as Yoona the Illegitimate Daughter Seeks an Escape

The pairing of Ji Chang Wook and Yoona for The K2 felt so random and wholly unexpected when it was confirmed, but judging from the complementary visuals in the promo stills might just end up being yet another drama coupling win. The story may have frustrated viewers and gone batty by the end of Yongpal, penned by the screenwriter of The K2, but the noona-dongsaeng chemistry of leads Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee remained excellent from start to finish. I’m hoping the same from ┬áthis couple, with his ideal bodyguard visuals with the even buffer muscles and her lonely isolated girl sadness. Who would want to stay a shut in when there’s a bodyguard like Ji Chang Wook’s The K2 to keep her company.


Ji Chang Wook as The K2 Rocks the Bodyguard Look as Yoona the Illegitimate Daughter Seeks an Escape — 8 Comments

  1. There are so many ‘visual couples’ this year in dramas- SJK and SKH, LJS and HHJ , KWB and Suzy, upcoming JJH and LMH- but for some reason pairing of JCW and Yoona seems the most appealing. Maybe cause they are closest in age or maybe cause their romance just seem more dark and struggling from the previews or maybe its his manly broodiness in contrast to her feminine fragility. I just can’t wait to see them on screen, i hope their chemistry is off the charts.

  2. I’ve seen several Yoona’s drama and its just that i can’t like her or relate with the character. When this drama news coming out i relly hope that actress like kang sora would take on this drama. I really hope this drama would tur on to be good and watchable for me

  3. I don’t think JCW is unattached. Yes, I hope this will turn out great since JCW is one great actor. However, I’m still unsure of Yoona’s acting. She still hasn’t shown her Female Lead Role acting skills as of yet.

  4. Yoona has played the female lead in numerous dramas and has won awards and accolades for her performances. Anyone who’s actually watched her in these roles knows that her acting is excellent. She can hold her own with anyone and is a captivating presence onscreen. She has also portrayed a wide range of emotions and characters, demonstrating versatility and talent. In her roles, she creates characters that are believable and memorable. Yoona is a professional, and she will deliver.

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