The K2 Releases Dark and Character Intense Official Drama Posters

Judging by the just released drama posters for tvN political thriller The K2, there’s going to be darkness aplenty as four strong personalities get entangled in a South Korean presidential election cycle. That the drama posters are wholly unimaginative is almost beside the point if the allure is the acting and intense character conflict to come as ambition and personal lives get crossed in the desire for more power. Starring Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, Song Yoon Ah, and Jo Sung Ha, the drama places a soldier turned mercenary bodyguard in the center of a complicated family trying to make it’s patriarch the next South Korean president while hiding the existence of his less than pristine past in the form of an illegitimate daughter. It’s not all that exciting in synopsis but I’m looking forward to the visuals and narrative oomph provided by the Yongpal screenwriter pairing up with the Chuno PD for this sleek ride.


The K2 Releases Dark and Character Intense Official Drama Posters — 8 Comments

  1. they look like Zombies. and what happened to Yoona’s hand and face? her jaw looks weird and her hand is thin like a skeleton. seriously,the posters are underwhelming.

  2. I feel sleepy while looking at the poster, they could have done better, they probably’ve just finish heavy shooting of the day before went for photoshot judging from eyebag .JJW is the only one looking at the camera while the rest looking at other direction what does that mean. The teasers look awesome though. I hope yoona improve and the storyline is better than healer which could not finish.

  3. I do not like the OTP poster. But I do like the other ones. Yoona has no intense expression in any of the posters. Why was she chosen to play the lead here? What a waste.

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