C-ent in Shock and Grieving as Police Confirm Actor Kimi Qiao Found Dead in His Shanghai Home

I don’t even know how to write this, such shock beyond shock emanating from all corners of Chinese entertainment spheres right now. First off: good night and good life, sweet boy, I hope you are in a better place. It’s with a heavy heart that I share the news that Chinese actor-singer-model Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) was found deceased by local police in his Shanghai apartment on Friday September 16th. He was all of 28 years old, turning 29 next month, and red hot in his acting and singer career as his new movie Our Ten Years (Days of Our Own) just premiered in Chinese theaters last week.

Best known for supporting actor turns in hit dramas like Cruel Romance, Legend of Lu Zhen, and Qing Shi Huang Fei, among many many C-dramas in the last few years, Kimi was (is) part of the rising group of talented and good looking idol-esque actors of C-ent that pushed the youthful audiences to tune into television again. Kimi’s death has been ruled out as a homicide, and early reports are of him dying of suffocation. Salacious rumors of an SM session gone awry have arisen, as well as likely suicide speculations due to his sensitivity to online bullying, but nothing matters other than a talented promising star has left us too early and a good son/friend/family has left his loved ones much too early. My condolences to everyone who is grieving over this shocking unfathomable loss.

Rest in peace, Kimi, never let those who want to gossip about your life or passing affect you. All that matters is that you are not hurting anymore.


C-ent in Shock and Grieving as Police Confirm Actor Kimi Qiao Found Dead in His Shanghai Home — 14 Comments

  1. Oh No! No! No! I cannot believe this! What a waste of a very talented young man and a human being. You will be greatly missed! Greatly missed!!!

    I hope the press and/or gossip will not speculate on the cause of your death and let you go in peace.

    RIP KIMI ! May the Lord be with you!

  2. RIP for the boy who has a sunshine smile 🙁

    I’m so disgusted with those media who spread nasty rumours just so that they can make big hits. Let the guy rest in peace. Respect!

    Also, I’m so speechless for those brainless people who went to Chen Qiao En’s weibo to bash her for not writing any parting message for her best friend. Don’t know where those people put their common sense. If one of our family or closest friends died, will we go on weibo to show off how sad we are?. Now, they are even going to Zhao Liying’s weibo to attack her as well. Crazy people.

    It breaks my heart to see how those people just don’t know where to stop. The guy already dead and they don’t even let him rest in peace *sobs*

  3. Oh my god, my jaw dropped reading this. So, so sad to hear this news – it’s such a shame, he was a charismatic actor and did not deserve to go so young.

  4. For people who live their life by writing and spreading hateful comments and rumours… They are just envy other people’s successful and colourful life.

  5. Right after I woke up yesterday morning, this news was the first thing I saw on my phone. I kept looking on Weibo, waiting for all the nasty rumors to go away and to find out the truth. All of those “Internet warriors” who bashed on stars who were close to Kimi but didn’t post anything on Weibo irked me so much. Do close friends have to express how they feel about their late friend on social media for the public to see? I was hoping that everything was just some lie from the media, but my heart just felt heavier and heavier as time passed. When his management company released a statement confirming his death, I felt a huge pain in my heart. Because I was in class, I had to fight the urge to cry.

    This young, bright, and talented individual with the warmest smile has left us. My condolences to his family, and may he rest in peace.


  6. It’s so sad. What is more precious in life than life itself? His face isn’t foreign to me for I watched several dramas in which he played supporting roles. Since I started to like Kpop and watched Asian dramas, I’ve been always amazed at how lunatic fandoms and gossipy netizens could have such adverse impact on celebrities’ lives. These public Asian figures must have very high EQ to even survive irresponsible paparazzi for their intrusion of privacy, not to mention stress to strive for success.

    While American celebrities are plagued by substance abuse and addiction, Asian celebrities seem to have higher rates of suicide. Price of fame.

  7. I dont even know him beyond his onscreen persona and already i am so so sad at his passing…. i cant imagine how his friends & family must be feeling. Rest in peace kimi, u are much loved & greatly missed.

  8. Oh my lord, i just started watching his new c-drama; costomize happiness and when i was scrolling through reviews, i found that he was deceased. it’s such a dejected matter that his life has come to an end and i must say, his acting is really good. i really don’t know what the reason was for the online bullying but maybe his death was a homicide. Nonetheless, i express my grief to his death.

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