Sultry Suzy Draped in Jewels for Didier Dubot Fall 2016 Collection

With Uncontrollably Fond wrapped up last week, leading lady Suzy will likely go back to her expansive CF career such as modeling for jewelry brand Didier Dubot like her, or girl group Miss A activities for the near future as she doesn’t do dramas on a regular basis. Maybe her next role will be a movie, but I hope she takes on a next role soon rather than a break from acting because she improved during the course of UF and it’s better to strike while the iron remains hot even if the drama wrapped filming even earlier in the spring.

She’s not a natural actress, her natural state is non-emotive and perfect for modeling, but acting can be learned and I see glimpses of breakthrough here and there along with consistent desire to do so on her part. Acting is one of those jobs that needs constant practice to improve especially with someone who isn’t preternaturally inclined to emote in nuanced ways on cue. Overall I was satisfied with her performance in UF, with some of the problems with her character initially being the writing and others her limitations in portrayal, but in the end I connected with Noh Eul and that’s what matters.


Sultry Suzy Draped in Jewels for Didier Dubot Fall 2016 Collection — 25 Comments

  1. Koala, that’s the problem with her acting. I don’t connect with her character in UF regardless of her improvement from Gu Family Book. She’s still miles away from taking lead of a complicated character like Noh Eul. She should try minor roles here and there and gradually build up her skills.

  2. I think overall my opinion before UF that she should stick to modelling, has not changed by the end.

    She doesn’t have the ability to pull off lead roles even when writers and PDs bend backwards to adapt to her limited emotive ability, if she wants to act she needs to drop the hangup about star status and start taking smaller roles.

  3. @drama2016 – exactly, ‘improved’ is not the same as ‘good’.

    It’s just that we’ve come to expect so little of her as an actress that even a performance that would have got any other young actress written off forever, is considered ‘good’ coming from her.

  4. Agreed with all the previous comments. Give these roles to people who actually work on the craft and have some semblance of what they’re doing.

  5. Ditto… I just can’t understand why some audiences are satisfied with improving actors/actresses versus ones that are ALREADY talented. I think Korean dramas have some of the best storylines, OSTs, costumes, etc…. Yet it can all go to waste with just one bad casting decision.

  6. Forgive me to say this but after watching final episode episode of UF, I think this show will be 100x better if they used another talented actress. UF is the classic korean drama type. But I really can’t feel the sadness from Suzy’s expression. She just can’t deliver it no matter how sad the situation in that drama. There is word called TALENT, and I could say that she doesn’t has that since already several roles but her acting still the same. She should just stay as CF model for our sake lol.

  7. Wow! I’ve seen of koala tear into other actresses if they delivered performances at the level of Suzy in UF, for example Gu Jye Sun in Blood, but because it’s Suzy, she gets a free pass of “improved” with the recommendation to try out other roles and “strike while the iron is hot”. Smh. You do bend over backwards to accommodate your favorites don’t you?

    • Its called turning a blind eye to those you like. I mean the high praises, Oh My My, and I’ve seen established actresses being teared apart for just being average. And I disagree, her acting did not improve that much. The writer finally gave her a spine and a brain to properly use it, that is in no way to be confused with improvement.

    • I think GHS as an actress is WAY BETTER than Suzy, in my honest opinion. At least I could relate to her role in Angel Eyes. Even her newly-wed hubby got really hot and stole the show from the leading man in Cinderella and 4 Knights. But I recall Koala ever said that this couple might as well stay happily married together in real rather than reel life. LOL… Ms. Koala does has her own idea of who are good in acting. I think that’s all subjective and personal preference.

  8. Lol she should honestly just be a model and kpop idol. Why doing something you are not good at when you have entire field of thing you are actually talented in. She is a good singer and dancer , plus shes pretty she should stick to that.

  9. Have u guys those that commented watched uncontrollably fond till the end from ep 1 until 20? Have u?

    To some one that is not suzy’s fan or whatsoever which u guys might call me later on. I found that her performance is something that i could connect on. She might not be talented enough , but somehow her characters No eul is close enough to the reality.

    Her performance might not be consistent because some ep like when she act in drunk mode is so tacky and awkward but overall her performance is something tht i could watch over and over again.

    I believe tht it so judgemental that you guys giving such remarks without watching the dramas till the end. Go and watch the drama till the end before asking her to stick to her cf talent.

    And for the first time ever, i agree with koala tht suzy’s should do more acting and no eul is close to be her masterpiece.

    • I saw it to the end, and my opinion still remains that she wasn’t fit to carry that role.

      Her emotional acting is still lacking, and honestly if a few decent scenes out of 20 episodes is the best she can do from a pre produced series with a role specially written for her, she needs to either go back to CFs or, if she is serious about acting, accept that she is not lead role material and have the humility to work her way up by taking smaller roles.

    • Excuse me?????? I watched this drama from start through the end since I’m a fan of the writer. I was actually among those who had high expectation over this pre produced drama and absolutely, completely, had no prejudice against Suzy before UF was aired. But fact speaks for itself. Suzy is pretty lacking as a leading lady for a classical melo like UF.

      LMAO…Suzy is close to be her masterpiece???? In my opinion, she’s the one who jinxed the ratings.

  10. Well its basically the same reason why Angelababy and Kim Tea Hee gets leading roles. Visuals, some of the audience love her and connections as well as sponsors.
    You may as well just skip any of the works she does if her acting really bothers you to that level because the Korean entertainment industry is not going to change anytime soon.
    Let suzy live her life and earn her money

    • Yup! Thanks for this wise advice. LOL…I definitely won’t have any interest in her new dramas in the future if she’s still cast as a female lead. I was indifferent to her in Gu Family Book bcos the focus of that drama was all on Lee Seung Gi as the hero and she was a non factor in that. But she got a lot of opportunities to shine in UF since NE was a meaty role and she jinxed it. Certainly and absolutely I’ll skip her dramas in the future.

      • Yeah the best way just skip anything related to her acting career. It is not gonna Affect suzy too. Suzy doesn’t you.
        And stop making essay in every her article. it is getting annoying. No one force you to care about her acting career. If you curious with woobin, then watch woobin part, skip suzy part. How about you make a blog / tumblr with titlle “Suzy acting problem” putt your esay there. Bye….

      • @Drama2016 – looks like you ruffled some feathers lol

        I remember you were quite forgiving of the drama and Suzy’s acting in the early episodes comments here, but never underestimate the touchiness of fans of wooden actors.

      • I got your points, salty and bitter IceCream. LOL..I’m not the only enjoying preaching with ass long essay. You’re in the same league too. LMAO.

        BTW, I’ve never been a fan of T-rex KWB but just have to admit that he’s a way better actor than your CF queen Suzy.

      • @Gina. Hahahahahaha….I’ve been so used to K ent fandoms, crazy and lunatic in terms of the level of emotional attachment of these fans to their idols/biases. Ppl can’t take different opinions quite well. I’m fine with totally opposite views or debates as long as no personal attack on me or name calling since that will also trigger devil inside me to foul mouth them back. If ppl turn sour and sarcastic, I won’t hesitate to have double portions of bad taste back to them. That’s how evil I’m online. LOL

  11. Same sentiments as Koala on Suzy’s performance in UF.

    UF is a melodrama no doubt but I never saw the storyline as requiring big show of tears or overt expressions of intense sadness.

    Suzy’s Noh Eul nuanced but I appreciate and connected with her restraint performance in most scenes, especially in the ladt few episodes, which to me fits the central theme of acceptance and forgiveness and achieving inner peace of UF.

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