Loved Ones and Fans Mourn Kimi Qiao’s Death as Agency Confirms Suicide From Depression

I prefer not to follow up bad news posts, especially not back-to-back, but the pain from hearing that Chinese actor-singer Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) passed away yesterday still reverberates and there is too much innuendo out there to let sit. Kimi’s agency released an official statement today confirming Kimi’s death and revealing the cause to be suicide. Kimi had been suffering from insomnia for years and last year it was diagnosed as severe depression. This year his agency cut back his activities to give him time off to rest and recuperate, and believed that he was happier but in the end Kimi chose a final ending for himself.

His manager was in angry tears railing at the netizens who have attacked him incessantly since his debut as all those attacks affected Kimi very deeply. She also wanted to end any unfounded rumor that Kimi died in some sex act gone awry, pointing out that netizens continue to attack him even after he’s gone. Kimi’s family is planning for his funeral to be held in Shanghai, and his entertainment friends are all grieving in their own ways. Kimi’s debut was in the reality talent show Good Luck Boy where he placed 2nd, and in his same competition class were three stars who ended up becoming his close friends and also fellow superstars – Li Yi Feng (placed 8th), Fu Xing Bo (3rd), and Jin Bo Ran (1st and winner).

Kimi’s entertainment career growth in the last 9 years since Good Luck Boy aired in 2007 has been full of ups and some downs, but he persevered through hard work and an infectious brilliant smile, going from smirky dork rocker to competent actor. I hope he’s smiling wherever he’s resting at last. To anyone out there suffering and considering a final ending, please reach out for help.


Loved Ones and Fans Mourn Kimi Qiao’s Death as Agency Confirms Suicide From Depression — 30 Comments

  1. I’m unfamiliar with this young man but his passing reminds me of Park Yong Hwa’s and other non-celebs, too.
    Condolences to his fans.

  2. The netizens are scary.

    He was attacked with tons of nasty comments back then and somehow, I believe that’s one of the main reasons for his depressions. It’s very disheartening to see how the media and the netz are spreading those nasty stuffs about him even when he was no longer in this world.

    It’s extremely upsetting to see how they went to his friends’ weibo to attacks them for not leaving any weibo message. Those people probably have never experience and face the death of their loved ones. If one of our parents/sisters/brothers/closest friends suddenly ended their life, will we go on to SNS to write about it??? ridiculous!

    Just saw a post from Chen Qiao En’s reps.. about her condition. She’s in bad condition since she heard about her best friend’s death and hasn’t been able to get up from bed. Just keep crying till out of breath and for the whole day, once drank 2 glasses of water. Yet, those stupid people who know nothing.. have to go to her weibo and attack her for not leaving a message?? it really angers me.. with the fact that people can be so ignorant and extremely malicious. Have mercy!!!

    • Some people are just self centered a**** and have no idea what people go through when somebody close dies. Four years ago my father passed rather suddenly within a week. Just three days later, I just had spent the night at my sisters, I went quick to the bakery, because I was finally hungry again. Coming out, I don’t know how I must have been looking, probaly not a very happy face, I woman suddenly confroted me, that it wasn’t nice at all looking at other people like that. I was speechless. I wasn’t even aware, that someone was close. I wasn’t even able to reply.

  3. Bad people are out there, these people who act this way towards anyone through cyber bullying are disgusting humans who are selfish and want their 30 seconds of fame from behind the keyboard, bullying through any media or word of mouth, beware, bad people don’t have happy endings.

    I wish he fought on but if he believes this was his only option then I can only wish him well and be reborn to a good person again.

  4. My heart still hurts just thinking about how he is gone now. Kimi was such a nice and talented guy with the brightest smile.

    Some netizens just have no heart. They don’t know how painful it is to lose someone that was such an important part of their lives.

    Depression is an issue that’s often brushed away by the public, but it should not be ignored. How many great lives will it take for depression to be viewed as a serious issue?


  5. I still remember that he received many attacks when he posted 飛蛾撲火 during the Tanjin explosions. People thought it was inappropriate, attacked him with loads of messages in which some of them asked him to die instead (of the firemen). Poor Boy had to close down the comment section on his Weibo. Apparently he also posted something like “Living feels like terminal cancer” last year on his Weibo. Think he had an extremely difficult year dealing with depression. Breaks my heart to hear such sad news. I don’t know… I have seen him in a few variety shows, and he always seemed to be like a very smiley sunshine boy. Can’t imagine what he has been going through behind that boyish, happy smile. He is also a very caring friend (sending his bestie Chen Qiao En a Christmas present every single year). Condolences to his family and friends.

  6. There are many actors and actresses that suffer from depression. Leslie Cheung was one of them that took his life also. Depression isn’t something that will go away easily but the Chinese have just woken up to it. Weibo seems like a place that craves for gorgeous looking ppl, it isn’t healthy. There is too much pressure in every day life already. Am not familiar with this actor/singer but RIP.

  7. RIP Kimi Qiao
    I didn’t know his works but one of the dramas I’m anticipating has him and Joe Chen in it. He seemed like a bright person with a kind smile but who knew he was suffering so much behind the surface?

  8. I lost my breath for a second reading “suicide from depression”. It always hurts deeply to read. I pray he has found the peace and comfort he was so desperately seeking. My heart also goes out to his family and loved ones, this has probably destroyed them.

  9. Having suffered from depression before, I must emphasise that it is not something easily understood by others. You are unable to express yourself properly and somehow you will put up a facade that seems to indicate that everything is all right. Most people just thinks that you are in a bad mood. It is very hard for people to know what is happening in your mind because depression is 99% in your mind and therein lies the ultimate time bomb. Once the mind starts eating itself up, ending it all doesn’t seem so bad. At times, you will not be able to sleep because there is a loud noise constantly buzzing your head; I was actually prescribed with sleep medicine (in cautiously low amounts by the doctor). The sufferer may not even recognise that they are depressed because their thoughts are constantly fixated in a sad state. I urge anyone who experiences such thoughts to talk to someone who is willing to listen and rationalise those thoughts. Once I recognised my thoughts for what they were, i.e. not good thoughts, I pulled myself out. Of course, I considered myself to be in very early stages and managed to mitigate it. It is not easy for someone who has gone deep down into a depression state and it is also not a guarantee that it will never come back. Therefore, don’t wait to talk to someone.

    Rest in peace, Kimi.

      • It was about his weibo post on last year Tianjin explosion. They disagree with what he wrote and misunderstood his intention. They bombarded him with personal attacks. Not to mention, harsh working environment he was in. He already had serious depression but his agency forced him to keep working. He was late for shooting and the PD scolded that he just made some lies and threaten to remove him from the industry.

        I’ve been following his news from the last 2 days and couldn’t help not to shed tears. The poor guy had been through a lot, yet those nasty people still spread nasty rumours about his death. And attacked his closest friend. It’s really saddening to see how nasty and evil some people are.

      • Kimi always say what he wants to say, straight-forward opinions,which from my point of view is totally innocent, at lease no such to blame. He’s really a good-natured person but not verbally skillful enough to protect himself from public malice.

        For one example, during the tianjin explosion incident, he appealed that those firemen should stop the meaningless and dangerous rescue(obviously no one still survive but the firemen face the danger of afterward explosioin), that firemen’s life is also very precious for their family.Then his words were attacked by furious netizens who never try to understand or respect any word other than their own. There’s a bunch of stupid netizens in China, which is also a very sad truth.
        I’m really down since I heard his death. Too much malice crushed a good man, not first happened in the history though.

      • It’be nice if we could all keep calm while stating opinions. Just a friendly reminder. It’s best to avoid calling C-netizens etc names if you can help it. There’s always at least one party that needs to keep calm or both sides will explode together at some point.

        I know sometimes we all need to vent, but just take deep breaths first and be a bit mindful of your words so as not to make things worse.

        We are all in the world together. We have to learn how to get along better.

        For all of us, if we trace our genealogy far enough, it’d be difficult not to get to a “loser”. I think that’s part of life. We have to learn to manage it. It’s not easy and it drives me nuts too.

    • Actually, I’m not sure “it’s in the mind” is entirely correct. I think prolonged child abuse can often lead to actual physical damages in the brain AND depression. Certain parts of Asian and Western can be too outcome-oriented and too critical. Too many people comment harshly much too freely. Creating high-pressure cooker environment. Causing a lot of unnecessary suffering among youths. And they often go untreated until it is too late. Actors and actresses are only working in the entertainment biz. Entertainment is supposed to be entertaining. idk why people have to be so mean in commenting on actors. “Entertainers”. Don’t we have more important things in life to take care of? China alone makes lots of dramas. Each actor can only be in a small percentage of dramas. It’s not that hard to find something else to watch, is it? Or read a book instead. Comments on Michelle Chen and Yuan Shan Shan were quite mean too. Comments about their looks alone are already quite creepy. It’s not that the rest of us are perfect and super-beautiful people.

      • I agree with this. A lot of adult mental illnesses are rooted in childhood abuse and neglect. Also insomonia can cause depression.

        It is unfortunate that people use the internet to bully others. You never know what someone else is going through.

      • Sometimes instead of figuring out what others are doing wrong, it’s good to look to ourselves and see what we could do to help make things better. Every little bit helps. Don’t just focus on the glass being half empty. Let’s work together and try to fill the glass slowly with group effort. Wouldn’t that be nice?

        For those with depression, other than insomnia, which may need short term careful medication. Another thing to watch for is try to eat semi-regularly. Keep your energy level up as much as you can. Try to have a loved one help you watch your meal schedule or have it timed on your mobile devices. Low energy level tends to worsen depression. Try get a bit of morning sun may help a little.

  10. Saw the headline and my mind remembered when I heard about Jung Da Bin’s, Park Yong Ha’s and Choi Jin Shil’s passings. Depression is something that can be difficult to detect but its effects are devastating. May he find peace and rest for his soul.

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  12. so sad.. I watched a lot of dramas n movies with him in it; he is such a good actor. I didn’t know he was hated so much and had a lot of anti. Words are deadlier than knives 🙁 Words can kill

  13. my deepest condolence and sympathy to the family of the deceased Kimi Qiao. A very young, talented and very promising artist has choose to leave this world in search of peacefulness. May you find peace and happiness in heaven. God Bless You….

    Netizens. An artist is an artist. Their responsibilities are to deliver good quality work to the audience like yourselves. An audience responsibility is to understand the story and give comments. AND NOT CRITICISE THE ACTORS..!!! They don’t deserve to be criticised or humiliated. No one in this world has the right to insult anyone including your parents. You are liable for what you said…if you think he is bad, YOU ARE FAR WORST. Brainless creatures like you idiots do not deserve to be in this world. KARMA will get you. I believe in that.

    • I noticed when watching dramas people if not liking the looks of a person would say cruel things not realizing they will get older. It can be anything they don’t like and one can become so critical. I’m in America and I have fallen in love with the Asian actors which seem to be filled with passion. Please be kind and not a child.

  14. Depression is a silent killer. I have been there. Suffered for 3 years and almost lost my life last year. Depression derives from years of tormenting and stress. No one understand how scary depression is. It is a silent killer. Isolation. No one to talk to. Negative thinkings are all set in. No where to run but to end my life. Seek psychiatric treatment and pills to keep myself saint.
    Anyone out there suffering depression, please seek counselling or medical attention. Talk it out and constantly remind yourself that you are suffering from depression and bring yourself back to reality and fight the battle within yourself by telling yourself that you are the best. You have the responsibility to take charge of your own well being and deserve the best to live to the fullest. Change the negative thoughts to positive. It is difficult initially but day by day you have to fight and eventually you will win. I have fought few years and I am good now. Back on track.

  15. Heard the news on YouTube–couldn’t fully understand the whole thing in Mandarin. At first I thought he was getting out of the entertainment industry. Googled and found that Kimi Qiao had passed away! OMG, I was shocked and devastated! Accidently found Kimi on that show with Xu Lu, and became one of their fans then.

    Kimi Qiao, thanks for all your music and hard work. You will be missed!!!

  16. I just finished the Female Prime Minister show, he was a King. He acted so
    well, I did not know that he has passed away this Sept. 16. I feel very sad
    to see him die so young.
    Rest In Peace Kimi Qiao

  17. Why does people have to be so mean. Just finish watching his Drama and saw a video of his passing.. We are All Human… Why does these netizens being so mean… Karma will attack you to the Fullest… RIP Kimi Qiao. The World has lost An Amazing Artist. Condolences to his Family..

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