Remembrance of Gone Too Early C-star Kimi Qiao’s Movies and Dramas in 2016 and Beyond

nufduSaying goodbye to a star gone too early feels like public mourning where the good and the bad get tossed around willy nilly. I want to focus on the good and the much too soon passing of Chinese actor-singer Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) leaves the industry bereft and in shock, not to mention the family and friends who loved him personally and grieve exponentially. In this post will be pictures of all his most recent projects this year, showing him happy and producing great work. His best friend in the industry is Taiwanese actress Chen Qiao En, they met on set of a silly period C-drama 7 years ago and a besties for life friendship was born.

Since then they have done multiple projects together including Cruel Romance, and in a cruel twist of fate they filmed an upcoming C-drama called Stay With Me that has wrapped filming and will air in 2017. I don’t know how anyone can watch it dry eyed. Chen Qiao En has been inconsolable since Kimi’s death and is holed up home according to her manager, who asks that she be allowed to grieve privately and the fans attacking her for not posting on weibo about Kimi’s death to back off. Kimi had a great year in terms of career highs so I want to highlight it as a send off – this summer there’s hit C-movie Never Gone with Kris and Crystal Liu and C-drama The Code Game, and earlier he released a new song. Go well and never hurt again.


Kimi’s weibo is now just two pictures of him goofing around and being happy, while his Baidu Baike profile has turned black and white in remembrance of his passing.


Remembrance of Gone Too Early C-star Kimi Qiao’s Movies and Dramas in 2016 and Beyond — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this entry, Koala. Really appreciate all the updates you shares regarding Kimi as he deserves to be remembered.

    Hope that people can let him rest in peace now.. the guy with golden smile. Pray for his mom to be strong in facing this.

    I also hope that some crazy netters can also leave CEQ to mourn for her best friend in private wand leave her alone. It is really heartbreaking to read/watch about their friendship. I can’t imagine how painful she’s feeling now. He was her first friend in Mainland, someone who never failed to support her in every events, someone who never failed to sent her Christmas & B’day presents every year. Losing this kind of friend in this kind of way without having a chance to say goodbye is really devastating.

    Hopefully, there will be more and more of kinder people in this world and less evilness.

  2. After reading the first article of his dead by koala .. I keep wondering where i have seen him? and now i got he was the senpai in never gone kris wu movie .. and now i am more dishearten as i really liked him and i though he will have a great career ahead.. So RIP wherever you are.. and to anyone who is in a verge of depression and planning to committed suicide that remember suicide is nothing but a permanent solution for a temporary problem

  3. I loved him after seeing him in Cruel Romance and was waiting for Stay with Me to be aired (it was meant to be during the summer) and I never thought that I would hear about his death. I’m still in numbed disbelief and shock- although I’m not a massive fan of his, the thought of his death and the fact I will never see him again is unbearable. I had no idea he had depression and I wish he was still alive.
    I don’t know how I can watch Stay with Me and I can imagine the pain that CQE is currently going through- they were such best friends. His birthday would’ve been a month away…

  4. I still shock and sad atm.. Already miss him!!!! How can someone as nice and talented as Kimi, who used to have bright positive smile to brought happiness for people around him was commit suicide T__T I can’t believe this. I really liked Kimi. Such a young talented entertainer!

    I loved to see Kimi and Joe Chen relationship.. Still remember how his thoughtfully gave her surprised in cute-bear-costume and singing for her. Joe was his favourite woman, and how sweet it was to see how.. he loved to make her happy. Awww it so sweet.
    Not to mention how he always sent her gifts in every moment,… Especially that Super-huge-bear-doll Kimi gave Joe, just too cute!!

    Poor Joe.. how painful she is losing her bestfriend like this.

    R.I.P Kimi Qiao we will always remember your kindness and brightness. Hope you happy now =)

  5. His loved ones bid him final farewell today T__T first saw him in Ruby Lin & Wallace drama such a unique bright character gonna miss and im sure i am not the only one, he was a good actor and singer. Rest in peace Kimi, I hope people value people lives when they still alive and stop making untrue harsh comments.

    I read that China now gonna use social media comment as evidence on a crime case! Well that a start why now so many people suffer from cyberbullying.

    Goon too soon but always be remembered that bright smile.

  6. Its too sad that he passed away already !!he was one of my favorite actor ..I keep on waiting for his new project but sad to say that it won’t ever happyyyy !! 🙁 T__T 🙁’re stiLL in our heart “KIMI QIAO” I hope that you’ll find your real happiness with god!

    …”WE LOVE YOU no matter what

    #no.1/bestActorForMe <3

  7. Its too sad that he passed away already !!he was one of my favorite actor ..I keep on waiting for his new project but sad to say that it won’t ever happened again
    !! 🙁 T__T 🙁’re stiLL in our heart “KIMI QIAO” I hope that you’ll find your real happiness with god!

    …”WE LOVE YOU no matter what

    #no.1/bestActorForMe <3

  8. It is extreme sad and shock to find out Qiao ren liang passed away due to suffering from severe depression. It hit me hard. He was only 28 years old and remind me that I had a colleague passed away 4 years ago also because he was suffer from depression. From the above tribute to this beloved young and talented actor and musician. I feel numb and disbelief. He passed away way too young. In our Chinese culture, we seldom talk about sickness not to mention mental illness. It has so much stigma attached it. You may lost your career or job if you reveal them to your manager or boss. But mental illness is a kind of illness just like we have diabetes or arthritis. They are treatable, many people in the western country, who suffer from mental illness with the medication and treatment, they can live a productive and normal life. We have to raise the awareness of the rising mental illness in young people in China. The government has responsibility to provide support and treatment so the future generation of Chinese will not feel shame and afraid to seeking treatment when the mental illness stuck them at prime of their live. That is very important to our children and grand children. I am a Chinese american and I hope with the advancement of Chinese wealth and science and technology, Chinese government will invest in their people especially in their young generation.

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