G-Dragon’s Personal Instgram Hacked and Pictures Posted of Him and Rumored New Girlfriend Komatsu Nana

It’s a downer weekend for entertainment obsessed netizen misbehavior, from Chinese fans cruelly chastising stars for not properly public mourning the death of another star over to Korea where someone reportedly hacked into the private instagram account of Big Bang member G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Young). GD’s set to private instagram account contents were splashed on the internet containing pictures of his personal moments, and present was Japanese model-actress Komatsu Nana who recently did a Nylon Magazine pictorial with GD.

There were rumors that the two were more than just work associates and GD’s last girlfriend was Japanese model-actress Mizuhara Kiko so it’s plausible┬áhe may like a certain type. But this invasion of privacy is especially egregious since it was his personal account, akin to someone breaking into his home and stealing pictures from the photo album in his bedroom. Just because he’s a public figure does not strip him of personal time privacy. I’m not posting those stolen pictures but this pictorial of him and Nana is really cool and eclectic and shows off their edgy chemistry.

After the hack and leak, G-Dragon posted the follow picture below on his instagram. I don’t blame him at all.


G-Dragon’s Personal Instgram Hacked and Pictures Posted of Him and Rumored New Girlfriend Komatsu Nana — 12 Comments

  1. some people really have a lot of free time. celebrities are human too. I cant compute some super fans or anti fans who think that they are props. they dont owe fans anything. we, as fan, choose to like them and spent money on them, and those dont means we own them. seriously, whats so hard for being decent human being.. anyway thanks koalas for not posted those pics ..

  2. He is free to date anyone and it is his rights to keep it private. Some people are just disrespectful. GD is the type who wants people to see his works and not his personal life. But I am certain of his type now – model, petite and Japanese.

    • Yeah. He must’ve a thing for Japanese model. I gotta say they look good together. The picture with them holding hand is my fav- very laid back and yet looks err.. pictorial?

      • Even though Kiko is part Korean she was raised in Japan so her aesthetic is very Japanese if that makes sense.

      • Kiko is a Zainichi Korean, a Japanese of Korean ethnicity. She was raised up in Japan and as far as I know, she does not speak Korean either. So yes, he kind of giving me the feeling that he has a thing for Japanese. But that is his preference and one should respect that. Plus, GD is so small and Japanese women are comparatively petite compare to koreans.

    • yeah, both the girls he’s (allegedly) dated so far are very different in vibe from most kpop stars. I imagine that’s part of the appeal.

  3. The worst is that there are some people who won’t even be properly ashamed of whoever did this and will instead blame GD for having the personal account at all, or for dating her (if indeed he is).

    Looking at the pics from the photoshoot though, she’s quite a unique beauty – rather more mysterious and edgy than the Korean ideal type, but that just makes her stand out more. Reminds me a bit of actress Ha Yeon Soo, face-wise.

  4. Its sad that k-pop stars get treated like a price of meat instead of human beings! I respect him so much as and artist and a person who he choices to date is his choice. If he ends up loving her then let him. Let them be happy. Why do u think tayoung kept his love life so private! Why we know nothing of tops cause of the fans.

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