Cast and Fans Attend First Episode Airing of The K2 at CGV Cinemas in Seoul

Gosh, I sure hope this is type of drama promotion is here to stay, it certainly gives fans and viewers another reason to check out a drama launch. The cast of tvN‘s new Fri-Sat night thriller drama The K2 were at CGV cinemas in Seoul to watch the first episode of the drama along with hundreds of lucky excited fan attendees. Drama press conferences have become standard and rather dull so this is a nice way to increase star and fan interaction with a very practical motivation. Leads Ji Chang Wook and Yoona look like a modern chic star couple with his sleek suit and her eye-catching red frilly short dress, while veterans Song Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ha trade their growly intensity from the drama for smiles and victory signs to soften the edges of this dark and action-packed new offering.


Cast and Fans Attend First Episode Airing of The K2 at CGV Cinemas in Seoul — 16 Comments

  1. Episode 1 was pretty amazing. If I had to pick flaws, the lack of dialogues, too many fights scenes in first episode (Poor JCW) and a terrible Spanish actor who was probably a stunt man acting as a police lol. Everyone did well. It is a great start. Yoona was amazing and so were the other actors. Everyone’s acting exceeded my expectations.

    • Probably just hella tired. In the space of a year, he’s filmed two Chinese dramas, has been performing in a musical, and is filming K2 with its rough action sequences.

  2. K2 is astoundingly gripping. looking forward to 2nd episode. I’m now able to understand why JCW was given highest payment from TVN. You can see he worked really hard on those action scenes which were not easy to do.

  3. LOL JCW looks like he’d rather be home in his pajamas watching movies. Maybe he’s still exhausted from filming? I totally forgot this premiered, I’m so glad to hear it’s good!!

  4. Episode 1 is good though there’s lacking here and there. But this is the same team behind Yongpal and they are good with the introductory episodes only to fall flat later. So, I am trying to keep my mind open and not expecting so much of this drama.

  5. Thanks for keeping us posted. Without your blog, I wouldn’t know the first ep was already aired. Definitely will check this out.

    • But isn’t that why they call it fiction? Suspend disbelief and enjoy… it’s a tv show, not a documentary. I thought it was an amazing first episode and can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

    • Hehehe!! I thought the same, maybe it’s because I am Spanish that some things stood out even more. I can’t picture all those events happening in BCN streets…Their Spanish was super-good, however; seeing how bad is sometimes Korean actors’ English accent, I was quite surprised. 🙂

      First episode was nice. I did not like the music though; all these classical chores can become too overwhelming if you hear them from the beginning to the end of the episode. Anyway, the story looks promising and the villains look scary, not to mention how awesome is JCW in action hero mode (saving grannies and all), so I will keep watching 😀

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