C-actress Angelababy Expecting Baby with Movie Star Hubby Huang Xiaoming

This post heading is likely too obvious a pun but the news is certainly good tidings in a week where C-ent was in subdued mourning. That Angelababy is having a baby is confirmation after two weeks of media and fan speculation starting from astute eyes noticing that she was a little bit rounder and also wearing flowier clothes and preferring flats. That she’s just happy and preferring comfortable could be one explanation, but with the actress married to husband Huang Xiaoming for nearly two years it wouldn’t be a surprise if the couple were indeed welcoming a child. Their happy news expands C-ent baby watch to three star couples now – first to arrive will be Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao‘s baby due end of the year 2016, then Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo will welcome their bundle of joy in early 2017, and finally currently four months pregnant Angelababy will have her own baby to cuddle in late winter/early spring 2017. Congrats on the happy tidings!


C-actress Angelababy Expecting Baby with Movie Star Hubby Huang Xiaoming — 9 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to see this baby’s first pictures. As the baby’s mom claimed herself as a natural beauty, we shall see if the baby inherits all the superb genes from both parents.

    • Welp, genes never lie so that will be interesting. At least the child can look at its grandparents for similarity if it comes to that. Most important thing is that the baby and mom are healthy throughout and the baby is brought up in a loving home. So I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

    • Wow! So the first thing that came into your mind upon hearing this good news is how the child’s appearance will prove his/her mother’s statement of natural beauty. Okay then. Well I’m happy for the two, especially after such a mournful event that took place a couple of days ago in which I’m still very sad about 🙁 After one life has left this world, it’s nice to know there’s another one expecting to enter. I hope both the mother and child a great pregnancy and good health.

      • truth, bitter about a face that isn’t yours and still salty even after she went to a plastic surgeon. like please, why do you think she would go to much trouble in a plastic filled world? to get ridicule from ya’ll snobs?

      • ugh so much truth. some people are just so bitter. Just be happy for a couple who (may be) expecting a child. Who cares if she had plastic surgery or not? It’s not your face, so get over it.

    • If you’ve seen her childhood pre teenage years she was pretty and looked less awkward and actually more like she does now. If you’ve seen pictures of her parents (her dad is mixed) both very good looking people (she actually looks like a combo of bed the of them) who most likely passed on their genes to her. While we’ll never know for sure if she has or how much work she’s had done, her foundation genetically wasn’t all that bad.

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