Song Hye Kyo’s True Colors on Display in Ravishing New CF for Laneige Fall Lipstick

If all women aged like Song Hye Kyo then half the vexations of life’s woes may seem less pressing, what with preternaturally beautiful faces all around to gaze upon. The Hallyu A-list actress has been the face of South Korean beauty brand Laneige for what feels like forever, definitely a decade at least judging from when I started to see her faced on its billboards. Normally the CF curve is only a one way trajectory for slow decline in modeling effectiveness but here it’s actually the opposite, Song Hye Kyo has only become more beautiful in the years since she became the face of Laneige and if it’s due to using the brand’s products then I think the holy grail of beauty has been discovered. I’m going to chalk it up to her genes and great skincare routine, but maybe picking up the latest Laneige lipstick colors might be a good idea to borrow some of her luster. Laneige has a new CF campaign for fall 2016 called “Her True Colors”, pairing different incarnations of Song Hyo Kyo with its newest lip colors. I love the coral peach for the morning, while the ruby reds accentuate her flawless skin perfectly.


Song Hye Kyo’s True Colors on Display in Ravishing New CF for Laneige Fall Lipstick — 15 Comments

  1. She is gorgeous and I love the colors. I might have to pick up the angel of the morning and sentimental dreamer – beautiful colors. I hope it is moisturizing. I have such dry lips.

  2. I think she looks more beautiful with the lighter make up look. Nonetheless, she’s one of the most gorgeous Korean woman I’ve ever seen!

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