Suzy, Hu Ge, and Liu Tao Achieve Waxy Perfection as New Installations in Madame Tussauds


This week there are three new big name offerings to the Asian outposts of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and all three are quite familiar to me so I can at least gauge the wax versus real facsimile. First up was Korean singer-actress getting her wax figure installed in the Hong Kong museum, with Suzy heading there for the unveiling ceremony wearing the exact same white halter neck dress. The similarity is astonishing but real Suzy is still prettier with that extra blood coursing through her veins aura. In a duo installation, the leads of hit period C-drama Nirvana in Fire saw their drama characters placed in the Beijing museum, with both Hu Ge and Liu Tao present to see their drama doppleganger off to waxy immortality. Kudos to the technicians for pulling off a triple victory this week as an ode to the glory of wax.


Suzy, Hu Ge, and Liu Tao Achieve Waxy Perfection as New Installations in Madame Tussauds — 23 Comments

  1. @ockoala The three leads of Nirvana in Fire got wax statues of themselves. Like stated in your article, Liu Tao’s statue of herself as Mu Nihuang is in the Beijing Madame Tussauds. But Hu Ge’s statue of himself as Mei Changsu and the second statue of himself in a suit for being the Shanghai tourism ambassador are in the Shanghai Madame Tussauds. Wang Kai’s statue of himself as Xiao Jingyan is in the Wuhan Madame Tussauds, and it was unveiled on Hu Ge’s birthday on Tuesday!

    I spent a year in Wuhan, Wang Kai’s hometown, but I never saw him. But I did get to see my main man Hu Ge in person there! I was like two feet away from him!

    I need to go back and visit Wuhan, Shanghai, and Beijing again to get photos with these statues!

    • These wax figures almost never do the real person justice. I’ve been to the Madame T’s museums in London and Vegas and they are similar to these.

  2. I’m sure to get hate for this. But I can’t help it.

    Why does Suzy’s statue look kinda like Park Shin Hye? They don’t look alike in real person. About that wax face though, I can’t pinpoint exactly which part.

  3. Haters. No wonder so many stars fall into depression. Sad too see your blog has become a place for this people to wander freely.

    The wax making technique is getting better. Remember seeing the Lee Junki’s one. Hahaha The Suzy looks like a taller version of SNSD’s Sunny. But out of 3, the Liu Tao’s is the closest to real one.

  4. Maybe her boyfriend LMH paid for it ?!! He had been doing so much for her.?!That is what real love does, he needs to make sure to please her.

    • lol stupid people everywhere… You know, Suzy is very popular in Hong Kong and in SEA but I guess you’re an ignorant. Even before dating LMH, she’s already very popular.

  5. lmao those teenagers PSH fans or suzy haters wishes they looked this good even in wax 🙂

    PS: suzy is natural beaty with countless pictures to prove it.

  6. Suzy’s statue looks so much like her, when I scroll down fast I’m confused which one is live and which isn’t. O___O I haven’t seen NiF so couldn’t judge for the other statues.

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