Song Hye Kyo to Hold Fan Meeting in November to Celebrate Birthday and 20th Anniversary of Debut

Twenty years is a long time in any industry and is especially impressive an achievement to remain at the top of the game for nearly the entire duration. K-actress Song Hye Kyo will be holding a fan meeting in South Korea next month of November 2016 to celebrate the dual happy occasions of her 35th birthday and also the 20th anniversary of her acting debut in 1996. It’s mind-boggling to see that Song Hye Kyo was a first generation top Hallyu actress from the tender age of 19 years old when she was the female lead in Autumn in My Heart, that pseudo-incesty drama which propelled her, Song Seung Heon, and Moon Geun Young to stardom. That Song Hye Kyo has continued to improveย in acting look and looks is a testament to her hard work and the fact that early success didn’t get to her head or become a crutch. I’m thrilled she’s hit another success stage this year with Descendants of the Sun, it’ll be fantastic for her K-fans to celebrate double the happy achievements with her next month.

Song Hye Kyo has been relatively low profile since DotS finished airing, and above is the latest picture posted to her SNS that has her fans wondering where exactly she is in the world. The guess is Italy but it’s hard to tell other than she really enjoys chilling with her juiced up cell phone.


Song Hye Kyo to Hold Fan Meeting in November to Celebrate Birthday and 20th Anniversary of Debut — 58 Comments

  1. How about Won Bin? I thought he was bigger than SSH. And to think that Han Chae Young was also in Autumn In My Heart. All the 4 leads turn out to be successful in their own rights and still relatively popular until now.

    • Well Obvs. WB is popular but he hasn’t done any work since that movie with kim sae ron….he’s known as a coffee CF man these days.

      SSH hasn’t had a massive success since that drama also.

      They’re both still A-listers but SHK with DOTS really reinvented her popularity and was reintroduced to the younger audience/ intl. audience who hadn’t known her since AIMH and FUll House so I’d agree with saying she’s the biggest winner here.

  2. Adored her and that cast! It was my first kdrama! The beginning of the kdrama addict!!

    Is she only turning 35 or was that miscalculated? She starred at 19 with 20 years under her belt?

    She aged gracefully! Looking forward to her next project.

  3. My fave Korean actress…glad I was there all through out her career. Watching her grow as an actress and she has a lot to offer.Cant wait until your next project.I hope to see her pair up with Gong Yoo but he is about to star in another drama so I hope a movie perhaps?

  4. It’s amazing how she’s a first-gen Hallyu actress who’s doing better than ever now – and it’s not just her spectacular beauty that’s kept her at the top for 15 years (20 since debut), she really is a good actress.

  5. Not her fan, but I think she is an well versed, a versatile actress. Some actresses can grow on you on rom com only, not melo. But she has done well on both. Some can never do historical, but she could equally take it with ease. I also like how she disciplined her expressions on emotional scenes, not over the top. Overacting is one huge turn off for me to dislike an actor. SHK’s got quite a hang of sad scenes though.

  6. She is pretty and all these years she has aged beautifully, but for some reason I can’t really find her recent roles that memorable, as compared to her break-our role in AIMH

  7. I find her (song hye kyo) very boring, her acting is never improve, and she is short, I dont know why people praise her, also Dots good because of SJK. For me, Moon Chae Won better than her, her acting skill and beauty is top of the top. I am pity for Moon Chae Won, because of SHK, her IG is deactivate, SHK fans is jealous to MCW so hard!

    • Song Hye Kyo is a short girl, and her akting is really bad, same with Han Hyo Jo, her acting is very cringe, I can’t stand for them, tbh.

      • You can’t stand SHK but you even Went in her article to comment
        Get a life and SHK or her fan ain’t care about what your taste

      • Bwahahaha song hye kyo fans is too much about song song couple, you make song jung ki dead, no one wants to he his co star because SHK, blech!

    • Can you please not bring mcw in this article that has absolutely nothing to do with her!! I’m sure mcw/shk individual fans already had a big enough headache from the shippers childish fan wars so don’t add more flame to it please.

    • You dont why people praise her? people praise because shk is a Goddess the one & only original hallyu actress that is why after many years she still here & popular in korea & other asian country.

      Plus song joong ki accdg to him Song hye kyo is His Lovely BEST PARTNER! so take that Haha.

      • Yes and according to Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won is THE ONLY ONE he called a GODDESS.. So take that lol….

      • Geez ppl sjk is a gentleman, he always compliment every actress he has worked with and that will continue when he gets paired up with more beautiful actresses in the future.

  8. Lmao no one is jealous of your bias. Take your bitterness somewhere else my dear. SHK is too busy to even care about all those stupid things.

      • even if you are mcw fans, you are so shameless badmouthing about shk in this article. this article nothing to do with mcw and the topic is about shk fan meeting. shk choose mcw for her fav junior actress though, can we just spread love and cheer up each other. both of them them have their own charm and hard worker for their career. just stay calm dear

  9. Unbelievable lol. If you, chaeki shippers or mcw fans wanna be delulu..just do it elsewhere. You can ship her with sjk as much as you one’s gonna say anything. I’ve nothing against mcw..but her fans here are just pathetic. No one even commented anything about mcw but then they came and said a bunch of things towards shk. That’s very ‘classy’.

  10. Ah, here they go again… I’m really not in the mood for a fight…

    Well, Song Hye Kyo is in a class of her own, and she’s definitely not your typical Korean actress, so I am not surprised that some people don’t like her. But hating someone for being short and expressing opinions by using “bwahahaha” and “blech” says so much about these commenters that it instantly makes your comments null and void (are you a Nazi or something, @Kendy?)

  11. Calling someone pretty, goddess, lovely, beautiful and etc. these words meaning are practically the same which means that the person has a good physical appearance. But SJK calling SHK as his BEST PARTNER not only once but twice has more impact since this only means that for him, among all his co stars from the past and present, SHK is the best…the most compatible with him. No wonder until now they still have communication.

    • Sigh just like the fan war between hjw/hb/shk shippers during the Secret Garden days, I guess kes dramas will always bring on these shipping wars.

    • Well SHK drama Worlds Within flopped plus her movies don’t do so well compared to her dramas so it ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. It’s always best to be humble as fans. Some of you SHK/MCW fans should be ashamed of yourself writing childish stuff on here, I’m sure both actresses are embarrassed to have fans like you guys.

  12. Haha Lucy Dear accrdg to Song joong ki Song hye kyo is The most Beautiful actress in KOREA take that & pls to add word to his mouth he only agree to the interviwer he didnt say she is the only one he called like that & geez after nice sjk never mention mcw on his interviewz & when they won an award at kbs to whom he shared the award ? To his best friend lee kwang soo! wake up

  13. Autumn In My Heart was my favorite drama all of time and this because of Moon Geun Young who stole the show (This is just my opinion of course)which has nothing to do with Song Hye Kyo who i love enormously ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Like it or not, she’s an excellent actress. She has so many huge popular drama. From Autumn in My Heart, Full House and now DotS. She can’t be compared with other actresses except Ha Ji Won if I can say (because she has Secret Garden). She’s very versatile. She can do comedic roles (I love Han Ji Eun in Full House), but she’s also great in melo. Not only that, She also very good in saeguk. So, she’s the real winner.

  15. Well…Well…Well, the fanatic fans here really defend their holy ones(fav artists) like a religion… Pathetic. The most ironic thing is that their holy ones doesn’t even know them(fanatics) in real life.Lol

    Before i go, the fanatics will ask why do i bother comment then?
    Easy, i’m sane person and i don’t even treat my favourite celebrities like a religion or god or something. lol

    • I know exactly why you came here to leave a comment.
      By the way, are you confident of your sanity? Because sane people don’t go around boasting about their sanity. All the best to you, @Fanatic’s Hater (interesting name)!

      • And nobody is treating SHK like a god (where did you get that?). She’s just a great artist (people defend art).

      • On 4th October(1:03 am) this person claimed that she was not in a mood to start a fight? Did i offend your holy ones?? And are you gonna start a fight because i only hate fanatics?? If you want to start a fight then you are a fanatic. Bring it on… lolllll
        This very same person also claimed that she knows why i left a comment?
        Did we really know each other in real life? or are you specialize in reading people’s heart and mind?? Laughable
        This also very same person questioned my sanity?? well, are you a god? or a peerless doctor who knows my well being??
        Quite Amusing!!!

      • That was on the 4th of October, now is the 5th of October. Moods change.
        And I just gave an explanation, it wasn’t actually a fight.
        By the way, I “specialize” in reading people’s words. LOL You may not realize, but many things can be read between the lines.
        Very amusing, indeed.

  16. Moods change? laughable. You know what, mood is always related by principle. If you always changing your mood then it means that you don’t have a very solid principle. In addition, Principle is very important in our life. That my dear is very pitiful for you.
    You also claimed that you are specialized in reading people’s word. That’s a lie. The proof is that You claimed many things about me that is actually not me.
    Please, don’t twist your word my dear. Lol

    • Moods change despite having principles in life. There is no relation between moods and principles (moods are related to feelings, while principles are related to reason).
      And you can’t prove anything about yourself, unfortunately. That is the beauty of having a virtual conversation. LOL

      • That my dear confirmed your weak principle….Very pitiful.
        Prove?? a fanatic will always twist their own word. You can’t be reasoned, even if i want to. That’s why i hate fanatic like you. Oh well…

      • @fanatic’s Hater : Hate is a strong word, and a sane person doesn’t just use the word “HATE” to anyone for just any reason lolz
        Please don’t abuse the word SANE absurdly ,

        May God bless your for your kindness

      • @Sganarel: reading the comments reminding me of the quote : You can argue with a wise man, but you cannot reason with a fool

    • MOOD is NOT related to PRINCIPLES
      Mood is a temporary state of MIND and Feeling. That’s why we have people with bipolar disorder or mood swing.
      Principles is foundation of one’s own persona’s RULES, TRUTH, and BEHAVIORS
      A person changes the MOOD also depends on the external factors but It does not mean that person Does NOT have Solid Principle

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