Menswear Brand Ziozia Releases Maturely Handsome Fall Pictorial with Kim Soo Hyun

Things are quite in Kim Soo Hyun land, which is exactly up my alley since I worried he was burning too bright for the previous two years thanks to You From Another Star and Producers. The downside is that he’s not as ubiquitous so it’s harder to get updates on him, and for someone so insanely successful as a leading man at such a young age there is still two years to go before he needs to enlist in the military and much can be accomplished. Kim Soo Hyun’s long running collaboration with menswear brand Ziozia just released new fall collection pictures that are just shy of melancholy and too serious. It’s not a bad thing to keep downplaying Kim Soo Hyun’s baby face in CFs as his acting is also going to head into darker more adult territory once his K-movie Real is released.


Menswear Brand Ziozia Releases Maturely Handsome Fall Pictorial with Kim Soo Hyun — 9 Comments

  1. Among all the current IT actors, I like him the best. He is the most versatile when comes to picking his project. And therefore, I see him having more growth as an actor compare to the rest.

  2. He needs to pick a project soon. One of my favorites ♡ isn’t he a 88er? I wondered about his enlistement but then I remembered Yoo Ah In who’s still around.

  3. I love this guy! I’m also glad he’s laying low. He tends to do that from time to time only to come up with amazing projects to make up for it. He vanished for a bit after doing Secretly Greatly and followed it up with YFAS. I’m totally down for him to carefully pick a drama. He also has had too much success (if fact, never faced failure) that the stakes are too high. But hopefully he comes back soon. I really do miss him!

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