Rainie Yang Reunited with Her Most Iconic Drama Leads Mike He, Show Luo, and Will Pan in MV for Audience

The second single is out for Rainie Yang‘s latest album Traces of Time in Love, and it’s so much win I don’t even know where to start. It’s an emotional ballad of the kind that Rainie croons rather than belts down, firm in feeling with a soft touch. The song “Audience” is about love, of course, and for the MV Rainie brought together the three most important men in her life as a star. It’s her three most iconic drama leading men pairings, starting with Mike He who did Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, then her Hi My Sweetheart lead Show Luo who she’s also collaborated with in songs, and finally Will Pan from when she was Miss No Good. This is major fanservice nostalgia done right, and perfectly synced with the overall theme of this album which is the passage of time and the evolution of love. Mike plays her volatile first love, Show is her emotionally distance second romance, and Will the disappointed suitor in the third relationship. In the end of the MV all the men arrive at her wedding as Rainie bravely moves on with her life.

First love: I thought that was love.

Second love: I wanted him to love me.

Third love: I wanted to love him.

We are all audience members to love.

Rainie Yang “Audience” featuring Mike He, Show Luo, and Will Pan:


Rainie Yang Reunited with Her Most Iconic Drama Leads Mike He, Show Luo, and Will Pan in MV for Audience — 39 Comments

  1. The first thing I saw this morning was that Mike He-Rainie Yang picture and my heart was just bursting. Would’ve wanted a drama, but this will do for now after a 9-year drought I guess. My OTP!!!

    • Yeah, I know what you mean!!!! The first thing I saw this morning was my dog watering a fire hydrant and my heart burst also
      Do not hold your breath for a wedding. After all these years and you still think these two are getting together?. You must be in your forties by now. You need a life

      • Why are you so harsh? OTP is just wishing for these two doing a project again together. And is very excited about the MV. And even if she is 40 now, whats so wrong with this? You know, people can have a life and wish for their ship to appear again and do multiple other things in their life, if you are not aware. And by the way, Ive been wanting Rainie and Mike do another drama as well (cause they have amazing chemistry) and Im not even close to 30.

      • What is your problem and who said anything about a wedding? You seem to be the person needing a life.

      • I’ve bean in a fan of both Rainie and Mike and like so meny of this fans we would love to see them in a drama again (and a couple more of her leading men),but that doesn’t mean we want them to marry each other. In a shippe’s paradise it would be nice, but in the real world I know that they are very good friends and I support them in whatever endeavor that they mean to take on in life. There is no need to go after the comment like that, we should strive to appreciate and understand others feelings and wishes it makes for a better world.

      • Yes, you need help. I guess you all have not seen the past comments before wishing Mike and Raine were married. Even her ex boyfriends were blasted and criticized by the delusional shippers. So I don’t need help Mikey Farling, the shippers do. Are you all shippers????

      • Who’s talking about a wedding? Duh of course they won’t get together. If they’re even interested with each other they would have dated a long time ago already.

        With how you’re hating, I guess you’re not a fan. Sucks for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • @jee. Who said anything about hating. Take your head out of your fantasy azz and maybe if I piss on you, it might wake you up. I happen to like both Raine and Mike. Just can’t stand the fools who live their loser lives pining for the two of them to get together

  2. Watching this makes me feel old. I remember waiting every week just to watch 1 episode of their dramas. Back then Taiwanese dramas were all the rage.. I remember all those fan subbing teams but now they’re basically all gone now. And now Korean dramas are the trend. Time goes by so fast…

  3. Wonderful! I saw this in my YouTube feed this morning, randomly clicked on it… I have not kept up with Rainie for years now and I freaked out right away seeing just the beginning credits. What memories! It’s amazing to see them all in one MV… I fangirled like crazy.

  4. I love this,,,I’m a big fan of ShowRainie..and it feels good that only Show Luo was kissed by Rainie in the MV…so I had been watching this for almost 10xth..

  5. Major feels! I loved all three dramas and Rainie was the first Asian actress liked. I shipped her with all three, LOL. Hope her new drama gets subbed!

  6. I love rainie since Devil Besides You with Mike He. Cant believe its already past 9 years, she didnt age even Mike He were seen with few eye lines. Cant wait to see whos Rainie choose as her real life groom.

  7. She doesn’t marry the 3 but in the end who does she marry ahhh they could have shown a glimpse.

    But them feels with rainie and mike he.wow

  8. Is she talking about her 3 ex?
    My opinion of this video is:
    Mike He acted as Xiao Gui – first love
    Show Luo as Roy Chiu – cuz Roy didn’t love her
    and Wilbur Pan as Yuan Jun Hao – the only person who propose to Rainie but she wanted to further her career.

    • Those were my exact thoughts after watching the mv!!
      Also Li Rong Hao is the writer and composer…. definitely the groom!!!

  9. Love them all! And damn, what has Mike He been up to lately? Watching that interview video/BTS video of him reminded me of why he blew up back in 2005.

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