Rainie Yang Reunited with Her Most Iconic Drama Leads Mike He, Show Luo, and Will Pan in MV for Audience

The second single is out for Rainie Yang‘s latest album Traces of Time in Love, and it’s so much win I don’t even know where to start. It’s an emotional ballad of the kind that Rainie croons rather than belts down, firm in feeling with a soft touch. The song “Audience” is about love, of course, and for the MV Rainie brought together the three most important men in her life as a star. It’s her three most iconic drama leading men pairings, starting with Mike He who did Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, then her Hi My Sweetheart lead Show Luo who she’s also collaborated with in songs, and finally Will Pan from when she was Miss No Good. This is major fanservice nostalgia done right, and perfectly synced with the overall theme of this album which is the passage of time and the evolution of love. Mike plays her volatile first love, Show is her emotionally distance second romance, and Will the disappointed suitor in the third relationship. In the end of the MV all the men arrive at her wedding as Rainie bravely moves on with her life. Continue reading

The Fierce Wife Sweeps the 2011 Golden Bell Nominations

The nominations are out for October’s 2011 Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan’s equivalent of the Emmys, honoring the best in television for the past year. To no one’s surprise, The Fierce Wife left with the most nominations, among them netting it’s … Continue reading