Hyun Bin Attends Bowling Championship Event Looking Like He Wandered Off the Set of a Chaebol Heir K-drama

The sport of bowling is having an insanely good week in South Korea, what with not one but three high profile news items in connection with popular stars. First came news that Kim Soo Hyun threw his name in the ring to apply to become a professional bowler, can’t imagine where he’s finding the time to train and compete but good for him. Next was news that singer-actor Lee Hong Ki was doing the same thing, and was apparently practicing with Kim Soo Hyun. If there was ever doubles bowling I’d love to see them team up like the bowling wonder twins. Now comes up coverage that actor Hyun Bin attended a professional bowling championship event, looking every inch the chaebol heir CEO look that litters nearly every K-drama male lead set up. Binnie is so handsome I have no words, this is starting to reach unbelievable status, does the man even have a bad picture angle. Apparently not, he even looks stylish and perfect while tossing a bowling ball down the lane.


Hyun Bin Attends Bowling Championship Event Looking Like He Wandered Off the Set of a Chaebol Heir K-drama — 23 Comments

    • Agree, the high cheekbones, the strong jaw, the nose ,the eyes and the perfect placement of each of these features gives him the perfect lines and angles. Hyun Bin is one extraordinary good looking guy!!!

  1. The pictures make no sense IRL, but it certainly looks awesome, and I can construct the perfect K-drama story to support them, with me, somewhere in the bowling alley ready to meet cute with him. SO PRETTY!!

  2. He’s so so hot. How can anyone be that sexy while bowling? Then again, he’s also Hyun Bin so who’s surprised?! I wanna see KSH bowling too, he’s probably look just as sexy.

    But really, as happy as I am that he’s doing what he loves, I just hope he still make time for what he’s proven brilliant at – acting in a romance drama. Please do it – asap! Same with Hyun Bin.

  3. Omg he looks soo dapper in that suit! Certain angles give me My Name is Kim Sam Soon vibes <3 I need him to return to the small screen asap!! And if that's with Kim Sun Ah then that would make all my drama dreams come true 😀

  4. Omg!!! Binnie, of course he had to go to the event dressing in my favorite binnie look. So handsome in suits – is it water resistant? lol we suffered through ever last minute of HJM – please let there be a darn good script/role on the small screen for him. Miss him!! I will even take the chaebol heir dress just like he is here!! Super dashing.

    Hmmm maybe they need to make a drama around bowling – curious inquiring minds want to know what’s up in the world of professional Korean bowling leagues.

  5. God. I would admit to making incoherent noises of delight. And this is NOT even in a drama. This guy is insanely good looking, I don’t see any signs of my crush abating.

    I even peeked if he had socks. Perfect. No other words except ” perfect ” and people wonder why I think Korean actors are the best looking.

    • “Perfect” is the word, all right. My teenage niece saw HB’s photo on my bulletin board (and no, you all don’t need to know any more than that) and asked, “who is that?” I answered, “oh, that’s the most handsome man in the world.”
      Period, the end. ?

  6. Ummmm is this a promo event for the bowling alley? What’s with all the bodyguards or posse? You’d think he was a chaebol in real life! Maybe someone’s secretly paying these A list stars to promote their bowling business or something. But as for me, I’d be more inclined to take him seriously if he lost the suit, the posse, had on a face cap, jeans and was bowling incognito (maybe with a bit of scruff lol). Isn’t bowling supposed to be a comfortable sport?

    More power to him. He looks sleek and handsome.

    • Agreed. Maybe rogatis or whatever the brand is called, is trying to say their suits are have some stretch-ability in them hence you can wear them to bowl. Lol

      Or really they just want us to see more of handsome binnie in all his hotness and sell more suits. Either way win win for us.

  7. Thank goodness, he looks terribly fantastic, rugged and fit. My favs are My Name is KSS, Secret Garden and Snow Queen in that order. Still rewatching them after all these year. Much as I want more news about him, hope he is into movies than dramas. Wise that he concentrate on movies these two years instead of taking on dramas with crappy storyline just to be seen to be active in those home screens.

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