Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah Attend Script Reading for K-drama Woman of Dignity

A girl-centric K-drama isn’t that uncommon but the double whammy of two incredible and older leading ladies headlining upcoming SBS drama Woman of Dignity is definitely worth celebrating. Starring Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah, the two Kim leading ladies bring their collective star power to start of 2017 with a story of contrasting fates – Kim Hee Sun is the wife of a chaebol who finds her circumstances greatly reduced while Kim Sun Ah is a hardscrabble social riser that still hopes to make it. Their male leads is almost a who cares casting but the drama did will by pairing them with Lee Ki Woo and Shim Hyung Tak, both competent and contrasting style actors that will serve as the leaves to the two female flower leads. The script reading held last week is most notable for showing off Kim Sun Ah’s short hair look, I love it even more because of how hard it is to pull off the way she does.


Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah Attend Script Reading for K-drama Woman of Dignity — 11 Comments

  1. There is a different aura around kim sun ah. I noticed it first in my lovely kim sam soon, though she was chubby and average looking kim with her mom always running behind her, but she oddly appealed, you can’t ignore her.

  2. I haven’t been wowed by her drama choices since my lovely samsoon. Hope she scores a hit this time although the premise sounds serious. I’m hoping she takes up another romcom.

  3. I really don’t like the short hair on KSA. She’s getting a little old to pull off the pixie look. Too bad, she was once my favourite actress in dramaland.

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