First Look at Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, and UEE in Mon-Tues MBC Drama Night Light

MBC has been so meh in its Mon-Tues ratings for a few years now, and maybe guitar playing cutie Jin Goo is the shot in the dark to change things up. From currently airing Woman with a Suitcase, going backwards the network has been middling with no real hits – Monster, Glamorous Temptation, Hwajung, Pride and Prejudice, Shine or Go Crazy – MBC just watches as KBS and SBS swaps the leads and generate way buzzier dramas in that time slot. Up next for MBC is Night Light, bringing together still hot from Descendants of the Sun Jin Goo with Lee Yo Won and UEE. He’s the son of a wealthy family and loves music, while Lee Yo Won is ambitious in achieving her dreams by building her own empire whereas UEE just wants to climb out from poverty and will do anything. The drama premieres November 21st and the first batch of drama stills looks decently pretty, or maybe it’s lip biting Jin Goo on a guitar that has blinded me.


First Look at Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, and UEE in Mon-Tues MBC Drama Night Light — 15 Comments

  1. The drama is female centric, so I doubt really that Jin Goo’s character will be a pull at all. On the other hand, LYW and UEE’s relationship should be very interesting to watch. I’m hoping that this will be an Empire of Gold plus a romance sideplot.

  2. Is Uee really popular in Korea? She isn’t one of my favs but I notice that she keeps getting cast in drama after drama. I’m a little stumped because to me she’s not that great of an actress…?

  3. I just hope this show will be better than Empire of Crap.

    Lee Yo Won + Go Soo, and the crap writer couldn’t do anything with it. Ultimate Fail.

  4. LYW is 36 years old!?! She could definitely pull off looking like a 27 year old! Amazing how good these SK ladies/mummies look. LYW looks similar in age to Uee in that photo.

  5. For monday-tuesday drama none of them catch my attention. The Strangers and Me, Romantic Doctor, Woman in Suitcase and now this. All come so ordinary. Strangers and Me looks cute but well, I need to watch more. Romantic Doctor, from teasers the doctors always shouting, fighting and hate then love relationship..meh. Glad they have something interesting on wed-thu and some of TvN dramas. The should make a drama such as president with politic scandal and people try to make her resign XD.

    Why can’t they create something new like Signal or Misaeng.

  6. Who is the main actress for this drama? Is it Uee or Lee Yo Won? I really hope it’s the latter. I’ve always loved Lee Yo Won! She is so good at all the roles I’ve seen her in! Especially MT&NJ. She was amazing in there! I never saw Uee as a great actress, but at least she’s not horrible. I will tune in because I heard it’s female centric. Plus, Jin Goo is in here. :3

  7. Jin Goo looks more believable as someone who plays instrument than KWB in UF, at least his poses in the stills make me feel that way. Will check.
    No more Signal or Misaeng Plz. Those kinda dramas definitely will give me headache. LOL

    • LOL You are right about Signal and Misaeng. I gave up watching them after a few episodes (they were miserably boring). I never understood why some feel the need to continuously mention them as if these dramas are the most intelligent and “high-quality” ones on the face of the earth. Having a different genre doesn’t make a drama superior.

      • I yawned through the first 2 episodes of Misaeng just to realize my head suffered 2nd hand fatigue again after a long day of work myself. LOL. As to Signal, I tried VERY VERY VERY hard a couple of times to get through ep 1 since fans raved about it so much but always failed at less than 30 minutes into the episode. LOL again. I just couldn’t put up with super hyper acting of Lee Je Hoon.

  8. I really liked Lee Yo Won in Miss Temper so I hope this will be good, too! And if ever there’ll be a love line in the drama, I hope it’s going to be with LYW. Nothing against Uee, I actually liked her a lot in Marriage Contract, but I just prefer LYW more.

  9. i love Uee and ive been her fan when i watched golden rainbow and I watched almost all her drama and variety shows and afterschools so i know more about her like a stalker. She’s very popular in korea…especially in 2009. Many doubts her acting, it’s understandable but she is really very very very hard working actress. Even when she dances shes very natural. Many more actress are much more better but her dedication and passion in what she wants to do when she focuses is unquestionable. So i hate people judging her when they dont even know about her. Besides if you want to bash a hard working person who to do her best, i think your not good of a critic!!!

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