Ahn Jae Hyun and Ji Soo are Blue Steel Brothers for Chris Christy Fall 2016 Campaign

Ooooh, me likey this very much, it’s very modern Blues Brothers with a twist, maybe the Asian Blue Steel Brothers or something like that. Model-actor Ahn Jae Hyun is giving a masterclass in fashion posing alongside dongsaeng and breakout young actor Ji Soo, who is doing his darndest to project angst. What’s adorably hilarious about this pictorial is how off kilter the guys are posed, with head tilted in almost every single picture, almost like there is a prohibition against keeping their head straight. This fashion spread is for menswear Chris Christy‘s Fall 2016 collection which is in stores now, just in time to tap into Ji Soo being in two currently airing dramas Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo as well as Fantastic, not to mention Ahn Jae Hyun just finished a run in Cinderella and Four Knights


Ahn Jae Hyun and Ji Soo are Blue Steel Brothers for Chris Christy Fall 2016 Campaign — 9 Comments

  1. They look good but I had to laugh at the Photoshopping that’s gone in. Jisoo is no where as tall as AJH(1st pic). Apart from that the boys are looking sharp ?

  2. Fall in love with Ahn jae hyun in C4k as kang hyun min.. i was so rooting him as lead, he was show stealer for me along with PSD. Any how he is really looking so hot in these pics. I hope one day he use this hair style in drama, he look more sharp and hot with this look.

    • Ikr, to my surprise. Everyone gave him thumbs down for his lead in the prior drama. But he really stole the thunder from the male lead in C4N.

      • Totally agree even i was one of them, when i heard about cinderella show i said JIW will gonna save the show for me, but this guy took me off guard and he became my reason to watch the show.

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