Popular Stars Jo Jung Seok, Park Shin Hye, and DO Star in Upcoming Brotherly Comedy Movie Hyung

Thereโ€™s a new Korean movie coming out that may be the lighthearted family tale that folks need to take a break from the real world heaviness. On cast alone this one is triple packed with popularity as all three leads are much loved for recent works. Hyungย (Brother) stars Jo Jung Seok and DO (Do Kyung Soo) as estranged brothers forced to live together again, with Park Shin Hye as the lady trying to mediate the disparate personalities and show them what it means to be family. Jo Jung Seok is the conman older brother paroled to take care of his injured judo athlete younger brother played by DO, and Park Shin Hye is DO’s caring judo coach. The brothers bicker their way to reconciliation in between laughter and learning. The preview looks hilarious and heartwarming so check it out.

Movie trailer for Hyung:


Popular Stars Jo Jung Seok, Park Shin Hye, and DO Star in Upcoming Brotherly Comedy Movie Hyung — 11 Comments

  1. Will definitely watch this for Park Shin Hye but heard she doesn’t have much screen time. The previews look hilarious and heart warming.

    • DO maybe new but if you imply Jo Jung Soek need to be honored by standing next to her than you are delusional. This is why PSH gets so much hate for no reason despite having hits after hits and actually improving her acting, some of her fans have delusion of grandeur.

      • I don’t think she is a fan of Shinhye’s as I never see her name in her articles
        Some anti do that to get her hated…
        JJS is great and still underrated and DO is news but they are all good and have nothing but praise to each other. I haven’t seen PSH fans say anything like that
        Not to mention PSH only plays a small role. This is JJS and DO’s movies. Her fans don’t care much

    • “Legendary”, oh please……..she is good but haven’t reached that level of excellence. JJS on the other hand is already famous in musicals, and is also getting pretty famous himself on screen, especially in his latest drama Jealousy Incarnate. She should be the one being “honoured” to stand next to him.

      • Lol popularity wise PSH is still above if you look at the ratings of their last dramas, though I’m glad JJS finally got recognized with his latest drama.
        JJS said he is a fan of PSH by the way so guess who is honored? But PSH praised him and wants to act with him in a melo as well.
        So I say it goes both way ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Can’t wait it…definitely my top priority movie this year. Want to watch it with my friends… Already smitten by everything on it…

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