Yoona and Ji Chang Wook Thank Fans for Supporting Successful tvN Drama The K2

This past weekend saw the wrap up of thriller tvN drama The K2, ending on a happy note for leads Ji Chang Wook and Yoona as they got to escape the political plotting and crazy around them. This drama was a return to form for PD Kwak Jung Hwan, a success in ratings airing on cable, and proves that Ji Chang Wook basically has found his forever niche in playing stoic guy with gun and shows that Yoona has improved enough to take on a darker more serious role. Song Yoon Ah did steal the show from everyone else around her but it didn’t distract as the story was gripping enough to keep the action interesting. Yoona and Ji Chang Wook attended a fan event last week to thank audiences for their support of the drama and it’s clear whatever onscreen chemistry they share doesn’t translate offscreen. No biggie though, I’m just relived there is one more win drama to put in the 2016 column. Thanks for a fun ride, The K2!



Yoona and Ji Chang Wook Thank Fans for Supporting Successful tvN Drama The K2 — 35 Comments

  1. Yoona.is a mediocre actress, granted she and the Suzy’s of this world are cute. There are to many actresses who are both cute and talented…I will waste my time on them. I thought JCW told everyone he didn’t want to be typecast, he indicated this last role was just to demanding….time will tell.

    • I have to agree. But I thought Yoona was good in PM and I. JCW is all action here, and I think he was able to display more acting chops in The Healer.

    • Yoona is mediocre going on good, she has her bright moments where you can see there is potential in her. Suzy is just plain bad , there is no hope for that one lol.

      • Agreed on both counts. Yoona has shown growth and some promise over the years, starting out pretty bad and getting better. Suzy is hopeless. The only time I can tolerate her is in small doses as comic relief (like in Big).

  2. I still found both of them pretty mediocre. Her character was a waste and he was better in Healer. Song Yoon Ah was the star of the show in the end.

  3. I personally watched for the chemistry of Jeha and Anna. They were seriously great together so hopefully these two will work in a good rom com next.

      • Are u kidding me? You didn’t know that people could have different opinions on chemistry? Well damn you aren’t the brightest light bulb out there.

    • Song Yong ah stole the show but I doubt any actors in any show to any degree would have been able to steal the thunder from her so I think people are being harsher on both Yoona and JCW’s. I thought both acted brilliantly especially the leap in acting by Yoona. She started well but wasn’t sure if she had stamina to keep up the acting but she did. So kudos to her. JCW was better here than healer in that you can see how so at ease he was with the different difficult scenes.

      I know that is a lot of drama fight and anti Yoona because Anna got the man. But the jehanna chemistry is different to the jejin chemistry. I feel that if you are older and your prefer a more sexual tension than jejin for you. And of course if you didn’t mind age gap. But if you prefer the younger, fun and cute relationship than it’s Jena couple.

      I find both chemistry fun and don’t have an issue with both coexisting. All I can say is I will remember that Barcelona kiss for a long long time.

      So I agree with you, I want to see them act again after his discharge in 2-3 years.

  4. Wow! You are right about the (lack of) off screen chemistry, there.
    They seem so stilted and distant.

    That is some good acting on their parts in the kissy face scenes!

  5. I thought they displayed Great chemistry in K2. I’d shipped Yoona and JCW. I’m surprised they were a bit distant after the drama ended but then again I’m sure they didn’t want any unnecessary scandals. The drama did end and they had to serve the fans coffee.

    I wish SK weren’t so crazy about idols and actors dating. They’re always so careful about their image.

    My bf and I enjoyed it for what it was. Yes there were lots of plot holes but we entertained and amused.

    • Because shippers going wild that makes they keep the distant. This is not the first time. See what happen to Eric and Seo Hyun Jin. Even reporters ruin their friendship lol. Sometimes, drama fans are so helpless.

  6. SYN saved and hard carried the show.
    JCW and YN characters felt flat in comparision.
    They should name the show after CYJ instead since the show was about her than anyone else.

    • +1 even the actor who played the father role was great as well and more enjoyable and captivating x-x. I would say the first two 2 eps and the umbrella scene with the fake fire thing were great. The rest just meh = =. I thought JCW character would show some character development or growth like in sort of strategic way but no == so disappointing. He was only good for the muscle 😐 and without those fighting scenes his character is just bland and brainless/act before he thinks.

  7. Song Yoon Ah is the only reason I stayed until the end. I was curious about her character’s exit in the show.But they took the conventional route again.

  8. That Vogue photoshoot drove me to watch K2, and i was not disappointed. It was a fun ride for me! The ending was love. So much chemistry between JCW and YonnA onscreen. Hope they are or will be together for real. Thanks K2!

  9. Just watched ep 16. Did the writer also write Yong Pal? Then he is pretty pathetic. LOL. His heroines were both so twisted. (I consider Song Yoon Ah, not Yoona, the real heorine of the K2.) The drama was all about her. Yoona’s role is not as heavy weighted as the veteran actress. I liked her acting since Hotelier. But I watched K2 mainly for JCW who is my top 1 or 2 fave. JCW wasn’t as impressive or say, mesmerizing as in Healer thanks to less screen time while working by the side of a top notch vereran actress. But he is way more poised as an action top dog in K2. Watching his dramas since debut, I am impressed by his growth and how versatile an actor he’s developed into. K2 was the 2nd drama I enjoyed most in 2016, next to DotS. All the cast did their jobs decently and the main leads, including antagonists, were superb, imo. If this is the last project for JCW before his MS, then he wraped up well by putting a period at a right place. I will be looking forward to his fresh comeback after MS.

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