Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho Attend Press Conference for Legend of the Blue Sea Premiering Wednesday

It’s T-minus one day before the arrival of high profile and highly anticipated fantasy K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea. Unless one has been living in a cave the last few months it’s no surprise that You From Another Star and Producer screenwriter Park Ji Eun has brought together top Hallyu stars Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho to bring to life her mermaid star-crossed lovers romance. I always appreciate Park Ji Eun’s writing even when it falters, she writes with heart and wit and pushes the envelope in needed ways. The drama press conference was this Monday and the two leads definitely coordinate their attire in a nod to the black tie glamour of old. Her top was the groom and her bottom was the bride, and interestingly it work despite the hot mess written all over it. Lee Min Ho’s velvet blazer with crest made me think grown up Empire High School uniform, still bring back Heirs memories. I’m fingers-crossed this drama is going to blow my socks off.


Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho Attend Press Conference for Legend of the Blue Sea Premiering Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. “Black tie glamour of old?” The irony is none of the cast was wearing a black tie…except for the female lead Gianna Jun…and there’s nothing old about her style choice.

  2. Look! There are dresses that are made for the runways & look good on the models but that doesn’t necessarily translate the same in real life. I don’t care if it’s Chanel’s latest collection or Jeon Ji Hyun wearing it. It’s just terrible. There’s the coat, the tie & that bubble wrap dress underneath. There’s just so much goin’ on. Wear a jumpsuit if u want the edge but don’t uglifies yourself Jeon Ji Hyun

  3. The appeal of Kim Soo-hyun is totally different from that of Lee Min-ho BUT both of them in their own unique way look good with Jeon Ji-hyun 🙂

  4. Wow!! They’re all tall except for sung dong il… there were many pictures were usually jeon ji hyun is the tallest like in nepa event etc.. (shes wearing heels though) whahahah!!! Atleast now… they have matching height differences…

  5. Para la moda oriental siempre será única porque ellos tienen esa belleza sin igual que los hace únicos y todo lo ellos se coloquen por la moda siempre les sienta perfecto..
    Ellas son muy delicadas y ellos perfectos

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