K-ent Comparing Legend of the Blue Sea as Successor Hit to Descendants of the Sun

All eyes are on whether the new prime time K-drama ratings champion Legend of the Blue Sea will mark the fourth ratings winning drama of the year following Descendants of the Sun, Doctors, and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Four hit K-dramas in one year feels a bit like boom times after the dry spell in 2015, but nowhere near the heydays of lore now long gone and never to return. With that said, hitting one out of the park may be enough for networks to sustain the production of lesser rated dramas and keep viewers hooked for the next buzzy hit. Legend hit 16.4% in episode but dropped to 15.3% in episode 2 so the verdict on DotS level success remains to be seen.

Unlike DotS, Legend is not a fully pre-produced drama and currently remains in production. It started filming two months ago in September with an overseas shoot in Spain but the drama is not able to simulcast in China due to not having an ending to submit for approval yet. I find the narrative oddly lacking in context, backstory, and fantasy world building, like watching a movie without dialogue and trying to figure out what happened before to make sense of the now. But it’s visually stunning and so easy to watch, I’m loving it for the Jeon Ji Hyun eye candy show and the stunning mermaid swimming scenes.


K-ent Comparing Legend of the Blue Sea as Successor Hit to Descendants of the Sun — 112 Comments

  1. I like it enough but not loving it yet. I must admit that the Joseon backstory is my drawing factor to continue checking on this drama. I don’t like the story in modern setting. So much time spent on those fish out of the water moments and I find those comedic moments quite stale. While JJH is a stellar actress, I could not helped but feels that she is being typecast and this role is just her usual element, so harsh as it may sound, there is nothing impressive. LMH impressed me in the Joseon setting but his con-man artist is much the same as previous roles. There’s not much story yet, only the setting but I still enjoy it.

      • Yes, she can definitely do melo. Although I’ve only seen her being melo in her movies (she has more movies than TV dramas) from Il Mare, Daisy, and Windstruck. She also did action to in Blood and The Thieves.

  2. For som reason when a drama is over hyped im wary of jumping in. With DOTS i waited until ep 6 is out to decide to start or not. It will b the same with Legend. Its under KIV for now. And because the premier rating is on par with Star from the sky and DOTS so it was compared and deemed as successor. I thk its too early in the game to know. The dip in ratings for ep2 sure causes a brow to lift..

    • I feel you! I’ll probably start watching LOTB by Dec. Haha. As for DOTS, I’ve never seen it bc I’m not really into dramas, I prefer rom-com and action.

      • High5.
        Then again im a lil strange. On my did-not-watch list: winter sonata. secret garden. You from another star. All 3 was super famous at their time.
        Im currently enjoyin the less hyped ones. Like 1% of anything. Weightlifting fairy. N recently completed Age of youth. Fantastic. Shopping king Louie

  3. I’m guessing they’ll reveal things slowly but this is risky with Korean audiences. If viewers bail by the 4th or 5th episode, it’s usually very hard to gain them back even sometimes when there is good word of mouth.

    I just found out that it’s 20 episodes and now I’m really not sure of I want to start it. It’s extremely rare for a (romance themed) kdrama to have enough story to make it interesting for 20 episodes. Really hoping that’s somehow not the case this time.

    Is the 2nd episode any better?

    • I for one wish the story picked up a little bit. Maybe I’m in the minority here but by half of the second ep (I haven’t finished it yet due to lack of time) not much has happened. I hope the latter half gets better. I have a feeling that they’re more concerned about milking the scenery and the antics than digging more into the meat of the story. I’m not spoiling more than this but there is a twist in the story in the second ep. Many may find it a relief or an interesting turn of event. Unfortunately it’s not the case for me and kind of ruined my interest in the drama built from the first ep.

      • i agree, that twist at the end, i also wasnt feeling it, tbh i kind of dislike it when that happens early on for whatever reason, it kills my excitement for the romance a little, for me personally.

    • Agree. By the 4th ep the ratings will usually reflect if d people will stay, multiple or drop it. With 20episodes not quite sure the momentum n dynamics would b there

  4. Honestly, I’m watching just for the visuals. The narrative is a bit lacklustre as of now. I got kinda bored as there’s nothing much to the story right now. Feeling like I was watching an hour long CF. LOL. A lot of viewers seems to think so as well so it’s not just me. But this is just the premiere week so I guess it is more of a foundational introductory episode? Hopefully things will pick up in the 2nd week narrative-wise and storyline-wise?

  5. I’m curious what episode 3 does in the ratings since ep. 2 dropped. If it takes off then it could be a DoTS like success, but, otherwise, it’ll still obviously be successful, but not to that level. People shouldn’t expect anything to be close to DoTS though. Even YFAS didn’t break 30%.

  6. The rating for second episode dips whereas “Oh My Geum Bi” rises.
    Truthfully, I was rooting for LOTBS to surpass DOTS (because I prefer both the leads here) but based on the second episode, I must say I feel bored. I agree that the Joseon setting is enticing but it was kept so short and the focus turned on the modern day setting which did not tell the story that much.
    Other dramas that not getting viewers hooked or failed in the narrative by second episode (cough…Scarlet Heart) would be tossed aside by the coming episode. But here, there is the sustaining power that is JJH and LMH so I am expecting to see it still lingering around middling 15-16% rating.
    Am I harsh to say that LOTBS is kind of over-hyped. It is flashy with the stunning visual and pretty main leads but lack of substance. Does it differ much than SHR? Aside from the better editing and good acting, I don’t see it faring much better, I mean two episodes along and still not much story.
    Unless there’s a better twist and improvef narrative in next episode, I could not see it surpassing DOTS or even YFAS.

    • First episode was good, enough to hook me. But second episode dips in term of the narration. The plot movement is slow, not much progress in the story development. Too much time wasted on the fish out of the water moments. Too much time spent on comedic moments. It does not leave the feeling of wanting to know more by the end of episode 2. This drama focused on being stylish and not really in telling the story. I will only check it once I have the time or feel like doing so. And yes, JJH doing the Cheon Seong Yi all over again. She could not break free from the sassy girl role, isn’t she?

  7. I’m going to wait until episode 6 and check for reviews….Its too early to tell if this will surpass DOTS..What made viewers hook with DOTS is not really the story overall but the chemistry between YooShiJin and Kang Mo Yeon, the camaraderie between Medical team and military team and the cliffhangers which made you mad crazy to watch the next episode hence the continuous rise in ratings..So far Legends have an awesome lead chemistry…so lets see…this rating drop is worrisome though but its too early to tell…Lets see..

  8. Oh My Geunbi is actually good. The child actor is so good. I think it will raise again next week. Didn’t check this drama yet.

  9. Descendants actually saw a huge jump in ratings from 15 to 23 % between ep 2 and ep 3 so let’s see if this can do the same.

    Jun Ji Hyun gets more varied work in movies, that’s for sure. Her characters in Assassination and The Berlin File don’t have any shades of Chun Song Yi in them.

    • I’d be surprised if it did jump in the ratings given that it’s not getting good word of mouth, and doesn’t have much to build on. DoTS also had amazing cliffhangers every episode, which helped the ratings grow. Ep. 2 was probably one of the most famous ones with the two leads meeting again.I don’t really see a reason for Legend of the Blue Sea to explode in episode 3. It could happen obviously, though, and episode 3 will be the episode to watch to see what the ratings will do.

  10. I still can’t get over how awkward that DOTS poster looks.

    I’m not really understanding the sudden rivalry between these two. DOTS aired freaking months on a different channel AND time slot. Maybe if they were both currently airing and hyped like say, how Uncontrollably Fond and W were, then I’d get it. But right now it just seems like k-media trying to stir sh*t up for no reason.

  11. I skipped through most of the scenes of episode 2, to be honest. Storyline and characterization fall flat, though the visuals are indeed stunning. Frankly JJH’s funny moments are not funny most of the time but stale and a bit embarrassing. She was good in You from the Stars but a bit off here. In fact the whole story, setup and characterisation are not on a par with YFTS. The two leads lack chemistry. Love is simply not there. Is it because of LMH? He seems to be better when coupled with a bubbly actress.

    • I disagree here. I think the chemistry is what made people watch this along with interesting plot. They just have to make the scriptwriting and backstory more interesting . This is actually the first time Im seeing LMH have real chemistry with someone. Both are exceptionally beautiful people and project the same light aura. The camera just love both their features and probably the best looking actor and actress each one had ever worked with. this is the ideal lovers. Both are also excellent actor and actress. But again I SAY it is the script, the script, the script … and the backstory.

    • The chemistry between LMH and JJH is better than the OTP of YAFAS. At least LMH has strong presence here. But JJh totally stole the thunder from KSH.

      • Bullshit. Yep, strong presence but no where to find praise for chemistry and acting even he is playing multiple images in one. Strong presence where?

      • Oh I got it dirty mouthing from angry bird of KSH fan zoo. You like it or not, JJH does have better chemistry than with your bias. KSH is characteristic and awesome in the moon embracing the sun and Producers. But let’s be honest, MLfAS is the one lady show for JJH and that is why she won awards but not KSH. I don’t even remember what that alian did or ever said in MLfAS. KSH is totally outshined by JJH. Disclaimer: LMH is not even my bias so I am not putting down KSH to make LMH look better. Basically, I won’t miss any of these two guys’ dramas or films.

  12. ep 2 is a bit boring. maybe they want to drag out the story to fill the 20 episodes? mermaid storyline is a bit over-hyped, but the two main leads seem interesting to watch. 18 more episodes to go… be hopeful, but I won’t be eager to watch right away by streaming… if ep 2 is already like this, imagine how boring ep 9 can be?!

  13. I think this kind of Genre would be difficult to surpass DOTS. Although I think the story is really good and I really enjoyed watching. The problem is there are people who arent that into Fantasy. But who knows, the famous actors, really good directing and scriptwriting as well as the publicity before it was shown might helped a lot. I agree with the other reviews that they should show more on the past. It just has a nostalgic feel like one of those classic starcrossed lovers. I just hope they create are really once in a lifetime fantasy drama here and break records.

  14. Episode 2 has been called childish by k-netz, maybe with the present political climate the citizens of Korea need a more meaningful drama then just pure entertainment.

    • meaningful drama? lol. People watch for entertainment. How does one make a story of a conman and mermaid politically enticing? I wonder…lol

    • If it was over serious they would have said this is a heavy ass melo. lmao. They are not being subjective obvious for whatever reason. But it has mixed reviews so it´s all good as all hits do have mixed review and not entirely bashed as DOTS yet

      • DOTS was just bashed after the crew went back to Korea due to PPL and that Yoo Shi Jin has 9 lives but still that didnt stop people from watching as what the continues rise in rating had shown..If episode 2 is good..from word of mouth..people will watch episode 3. Lets see.

      • As far as I was around their was critics but I never took them serious as they always love to ruin the party for hit dramas. but for me personally DOTS was good and gets the pass. I was on that train as well and it was enjoyable

      • DoTS was really well received throughout most of its run, though. It didn’t get complaints like this so early. People were obsessed with that drama. Towards the end, yes because of PPL and then after everyone watched it some acted like they always hated it, but people loved it while it was airing.

  15. I honestly impressed by the writer and the drama itself. It seems to have a purpose and alot of money is involved which shows the seriousness of the drama itself. The cinamatography and scenry is untouchable.

    I think they will pull in alot of more viewers in the next week and the weeks after. As they are slowly becoming the talk of the town in korea right now

  16. I think DOTS has the upperhand because it was broadcast first with no benchmark yet in term of high rating as well as pre-production. But i must give kudos to KES for her ability to sustain the viewers interest with her writings and clever cliffhangers, not that I am ever sold by any of her works but the majority has spoken.
    The problem with LOTBS is that the writer thought of repeating the same success formula as YFAS. The wrong thing is that she keeps the same rom-com genre and using the same actress and the same setting of joseon backstory interweave with present setting.
    Could it work better should the drama written in more serious tone? or featuring star crossed love story? or that the joseon backstory being told first without cutting it for the mystery to be revealed slowly at each episode?
    I apologized but JJH style of acting has gone stale. She did better in those melancholy theme in joseon era though.

    • It’s too early to write off LOTBS but I do agree with you that if the production team gave this female role to another younger actress it would have been more fresh and appealing.

      • It actually worked with IU in Producer – another role of a celebrity who’s vulnerable under her proud facade, but written and played (and cast) differently enough that Cindy didn’t feel like Chun Song Yi mk. II.

        I like Jun Ji Hyun in this role but as one netizen says, the drama is starting to feel like it may as well have been named You Who Came From The Water. Let’s see if ep 3 is better.

  17. Oh pleaseee…what happen with everyone taste..? This drama is gorgeous…everything is perfect..what do you expect in ep 2 exactly? A deep detail story? Be patient…they will tell u the story in 20 eps nicely perfectly and in magnificent way…when i read every comments in this site its like everybody know how to make a drama..u all keep criticising..if u all smart enough try making a drama…whats with all judging…visiting this site just make me grow a white hair..goodbye..its for the first and the last…

    • you can like a drama whatever you want, but criticizing everyone else’s taste is a no-no. I am glad you won’t come here again. we are just all commentators, just like you. I don’t know how to make a drama, I just like to watch. you criticize other commentators trying to out smart everyone is a total moron! you are the only one judging here. bye bye… if you can read this, you have just put your foot in your mouth.

    • No, cause China is boycotting all K-stars. It will be difficult to replicate Heirs, YLFAS, or DOTS. Unfortunately or fortunately international politics plays a lot into how these dramas are promoted. PGH could be counting her days.

    • They did not get a simultaneous broadcast in China because LOTB is still in production and an ending is needed before an approval. Unlike DoTS which is pre-produced so it easily got an approval.

  18. Maybe you should relax it will be in 20% soon dots fan it as if you guys don’t want the drama to succeed dots..I don’t know what will happen to the drama ratings whether it will improve or not but lotbs fighting

    • You generalize too much just based off àll the unfavorable assesment against Mermaid. People who like DotS could also be fans of LMH and JJH like me. There are no reasons for these people to hope for a failure of Mermaid. You should be more open minded to criticism on this drama of your fave and don’t be oversensitive. Mermaid is just partially pre produced. The writer and the PD may adjust their original schemes to make the storyline more interesting and exciting to more viewers.

  19. There is nothing revolutionary about this drama (be it plot or characters) but it is entertaining. I don’t understand why some people expected it to be mind-blowing since the trailers actually said it all: great cinematography and music, and a sassy mermaid (JJH’s sassy character all over again).
    I think the problem is not exactly the lack of a plot but the lack of chemistry between the leads.
    Anyway, I’m watching it, and I like it for now. I also watch Oh My Geum Bi (that child actress is so cute and talented, and all the characters are really interesting there).

    • I don’t see the chemistry either . LMH used to have good chemistry with his co stars especially with GHS , PSH and even with Yeh when she did a cameo in Personal taste. But they are visually stunning. I didn’t like DOFTS but the Songs had great chemistry.

      • Yes, JJH looks much better with Lee Min Ho than Kim Soo Hyun. So, maybe they’ll have some chemistry in the next episodes.

  20. Well, i think someone should investigate the accusation of plagiarism. Writer’s don’t get enough royalty from their own stories and then someone copies it and make it their own is not ethical at all.

  21. I do want LOTBS to surpass DOTS. I like the actors more and so far, nowhere cheesy as DOTS. It so happened this is about timing. It was a dry spell and boom, DOTS came out of nowhere like a hurricane and swept off everything though i honestly feel the drama is overrated. Lately, there’s been pretty much improvement in the ratings from Doctors to MDBC and now LOTBS and it happened within short interval. People aren’t as excited as during DOTS. And out of the few runaway hit this year, i think it’s MDBC that is really qualitatively superior. The rest received only mixed reviews.

    • So this is why you watch a drama, hoping that it “surpasses” another drama (aka DOTS – the thorn in some guys’ flesh)…
      DOTS got those ratings not because it was a dry season, but because people genuinely liked it (for many reasons since tastes differ, but it seems that their tastes met somewhere on the road, hence the high ratings) and, in my humble opinion, it was the best drama this year.
      LOL, just enjoy LOTBS if you like the actors, instead of being on edge whether it might or might not surpass DOTS…

      • lmao come on now. It was not everybodies come of tea but for some I guess. it still gets flagged tho and heavy critics. It is what it is. I wouldn´t say the best of the year as it has not ended. Imo DOTS got budget here being subjective to this case but we will see how things play out

      • I loved DOTS and loving LOTBS and I am so happy that they were not on the same channel because they would have ruined each other on the year end award night. So they can both enjoy themselves.

        I feel like JJH has already won the Deasang and even tho I like LMH his a close second but it has already gone to JJH and while on KBS I think SJK already got it and the rest is just formality

      • @yo
        Definitely not everybody liked DOTS, how could they? My point was that people watched DOTS either for SJK, or for SHK, or for SongSong couple, or for the second couple, or for the cinematography etc.; which is why it got such high ratings (and it gathered such a large audience).
        On the other hand, the majority watch LOTBS only for Jeon Ji Hyun and the cinematography (myself included); which is actually a problem.
        But things may be better in the next episodes.

      • @Sgeneral

        For only JJH?.. I think your underrating lmh incorrectly. His actully the most proved of all three when it comes to CV (not speaking about acting as it is subjective) His actully a long serving in Kdramaland and use to get mega hits with not much asistance and without big stars like Song hye kyo or JJH. While JJH got her hit with another big star in KSH so they kinda asisted each other while with LMH he didn´t got much and PSH became big star during heirs but before that he got like 3 big hits without much asistance but in this he has JJH who I see deserving Daesang for this one but his by far not a slutch and have been pulling in viewers for a very long time almost a decade.

        I think this is his last drama for a long time to come as he has done to many dramas by now and is about to enlist and I don´t even think we will see him right away after being released into civilization again and don´t even see him accepting another drama beyond this one.

        His been quite solid to say the least

      • DOTS, best of the year?? A year that has so many new offerings and many more to offer, best ratings wise so far would be more appropriate. Signal was for me best so far as a whole package considering award season timeline. This season we have little gems here and there like PU38, MDBC, Beautiful Mind, 1% of Something, Jealousy Incarnate, Another Miss Oh, Marriage Contract, Shopping King Louie….this year has had many underrated hits. Things projected to win big has failed and things that are not even on anyone’s radar is winning hearts. So let the year end first.

      • @Bae,
        ‘PSH became big star during Heirs’ LOL totally disagree with your comment. PSH hit it big before that from You’re beautiful. How long have you watched Kdramas?

      • @Gem
        Yes, I consider DOTS the best drama this year so far. I also think Dear My Friends, Let’s Fight Ghost, Drinking Solo and On the Way to the Airport were very good and I didn’t like at all the dramas you mentioned.
        It’s just my personal taste. So, why all the fuss?

        I liked Lee Min Oh in City Hunter. In LOTBS it’s still too early to say.

      • Well said @Sganarel. Drama fans should not feel bitter about the success of the projects of other actors than their own biases.

      • @Sgnarel
        What is there so wrong if someone actually want LOTBS surpassing DOTS? Of course when she has her bias in there, she would want greater success for her bias. It’s not like LOTBS will cause the failure of DOTS in anyway as DOTS is already in a league of its own.
        LOL You should take some chill pill here.

      • @Sganarel, ppl have different taste in anything. I happen to appreciate almost the same cup of drama tea as yours. I do not like most of the dramas that @Gem mentioned nor do I consider those dramas good ones compared with others. Among the dramas you mentioned, I unexpectedly and particularly enjoyed On the Way to the Airport. I used to think W or MDBC might be comparable to DotS when I watched these two dramas. But those two got on their weak sides midway through. So at the end, there is still no other dramas in my mind on par with DotS by far in terms of watching experience. Let us see if this Mermaid fanfasy is on the same level as DotS. I doubt it if only based on what had been fleshed out in the first 2 episodes. But this may change since it is not fully pre produced and the writer can fine tune the storyline to make it more interesting.

      • @Sganarel and @Drama2016 watch the ones I’ve mentioned, you guys clearly didn’t and who knows it might surprise you. I don’t care for DOTS enough or LOBS that much either. I has to skip a whole lot of DOTS and LOBS is nice. My point was ratings winners aren’t the only ones around. Yes, ratings do reflect quality but not always. DOTS clearly was the ratings winner and a whole bunch of people love it for their own reasons. So far, for me that’s it. Also, DOTS won’t be a part of this season nominations if I am right which is why the focus shouldn’t be on it. This year has been good for small, underrated shows is what I mean. Oh, I’d like to add Good Wife, Age of Youth to the list, they were also nicely done.

      • @Gem, I did try to watch or have watched those dramas you listed. Soms worked for me and for othes I just dont care. For example, I think Beauutiful Mind is pretty good, stellar acting and very deep and solid writing. But BM isn’t entertaining enough to be considered a desirable product for commercial success. For most of us, we watch dramas to be entertertained aftér all.

      • @Drama2016 1% is still on going about to end this week and massively well received even though its on DramaX and Oksusu, PU38 and Shooping King Louie both are Seo In Guk in his prime showing his skills like its nobody’s business. Except for BM and Good Wife and Marriage Contract most are entertaining ones. Watch them if entertaining show is what you’re looking for. They aren’t heavy handed but extremely well done. There’s also Page Turner and Baek Hee has returned, although they are miniseries. There’s also Park Hae Jin’s new project along with Gong Yoo and Jin Goo’s new show. I don’t know exact air date but they look to be shaping up quite well. Oh, how did I forget, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho.

      • @OMG
        I didn’t say it was wrong. It’s just not a happy experience, I suppose, to be edgy (because some clearly seem so). When I watched DOTS, I didn’t even follow the ratings, I just enjoyed the drama and realized it was a success only afterwards. So, I said everything out of consideration since I am not the one being edgy.
        And, really, the thing with the “chill” and “pill” is a bit overused, so I suggest you tried something new if you want to be acid.

        You are clearly wrong , since I clearly tried every drama that came out this year.

        Yes, On the Way to the Airport was really nice.
        I’m really not sure yet about LOTBS, but, if I am to compare, YWCFAS was much, much better in the first two episodes: it made me want to watch more. On the other hand, the first 2 episodes of LOTBS were a pleasant watching experience, but I’m not really expecting the next episode.

      • @Gem
        Oh, I just realised you also mentioned Page Turner and Baek Hee Has Returned. Yes, I also liked those, so add them to my previous list. The rest… no, no…

      • @Gem, I still want to finish Jealousy Incarnate since GHJ is my fave. I was a bit turned off by the OTP’s characters this time as I was about her well-liked drama it’s ok it’s love. All over the top antics is just not for me. I may want to check it out from my back burner again since the male lead is also a very good actor.

      • It’s funny how ones feel the need to dictate the reason for others to watch a drama. Its ones’ prerogative to watch a drama simply to enjoy it or to be on the edge.

      • @ Bae Heirs helped everyone in the cast LMH and KWB got most benefits as usual because they are leading men. LMH is more on China. Remember the crowd during his Cf filming and all his cfs after Heirs? The drama made him has the most weibo follower and became the most popular actor in China…
        And please try to understand what is megahit. LMH had BOF and Heirs which is considered megahit.
        I don’t remember didn’t surpass 20% even it was close. And don’t say he didn’t act with big stars. What is Son Ye Jin, KHS or JJH? Or do you even know who they are? lol

      • @bae even on wiki faith is said the one of the biggest flops in 2012 so Heirs helped LMH a lot than you admitted. It put him back on the top stars and most wanted stars whether in Korea or China

      • I didn’t say I “watched” (read my comment again), I said I “tried”, which means I watched until I got bored (for most of the dramas it lasted several minutes or 1, 2 episodes, for Beautiful Mind 6 episodes, for Moonlight and W 8, 9 episodes).
        Those I mentioned earlier that I liked are the only ones I finished watching. I didn’t try weekend dramas since they are boring.
        I hope I satisfied your curiosity. If you think about it, it’s not that hard or time-consuming. Thank you, buddy.

  22. For the god sake its a 20 episode drama. Do you guys really think that it should reveal all the story with in 2 episode. I mean common, they have been giving us some back stories like jj mom’s in modern era. And in josen there are lot of mysteries like who is kdr wifes, how. Little sc and kdr got seprated, did she really erase his memories of her. There are lot of things to look forward in coming episodes.
    And honestly i idnt like the 1st episode. But the second was so damn good.

    • No, but by episode 2 in MLFAS, I was sold on the show. This one’s nice but still not hooked like I should. Honestly, I feel the Joseon part is so much more exciting in this show but I like the chemistry, its nicely done.

  23. The best drama this year imo, was Age of Youth. Even Signal had some flaws, namely Lee Je Hoon’s weird voice/overacting in the early episodes. But Han Yeri and Ryu Hwayoung were magnificent in AoY.

    • AW finally someone brought up LJH’s overacting. Exactly his hyperbolic theatrical way of expression turnend me off from Signal. I never got past the first 30 mins of ep 1 without dozing off. Thd rest of Signal may be as good as fans rave about. But what good is it for me if I can’t even stay awake thriugh the first half of ep 1? LOL

    • For me, best drama is still signal. I watched age of youth, but unfortunately i watched Cdrama called ode to joy first. The story was about girls living in the same apartment floor and their stories. And im still loving that otj, so i compared it both.
      Age of youth was good but for me, han yeri and hwayoung’s stories were the best. They told about life. The rest were so so. We could find it in other dramas. But i respect your preference.

      Signal is the best. It gave me the same vibe while watching Cdrama Nirvana in fire. Every plot was brilliant.

      When we’re talking about dots and this blue sea. Sorry blue sea, dots wins me more. For this current airing dramas i prefer wfairy kimbokjoo and 1%. Plus stranger in my house even the previous episodes were boring hehe

  24. I like the female lead, but do not care for the male leads acting. He does have excellent handlers though. Wonder if his injuries will help him get a cushy military post? He indicates his injuries bother him, he must be in a lot of pain, to be exempt from regular military service? I may be wrong about what I read?

  25. @ABC PSH became an hallyu star after heir during you are beautiful the drama receive a very low rating in SK but did big for hang geun suk in Japan and that is all so you maybe PSH biggest fan but you know heirs a great job to career

    • Heirs helped both PSH and LMH and vice versa. The second Hallyu wave originated in China and Heirs was super popular there. You’re beautiful was pitched against the mammoth Iris and it held its ratings so PSH was well known prior to Heirs.

    • Shinhye is a hallyu star before heirs,you are beautiful and hearstring may be low in rating in Korea but that brought her hallyu fame,do you forget you are beautiful is the most watched Korean drama in China in 2010/2011 before city hunter!!!

  26. Get your fact straight lmh was already an hallyu star in China through city hunter and that was the second hallyu wave heirs cemented the status for him PSH was never an hallyu star before heirs I have nothing against her but that is the truth

  27. JJH & LMH is expected to have gigantic rating because of their equal star power while DOTS only
    SHK has high star power compared to SJK that time, let’s face it SJK star power is just during DOTS. But for me the LOTBS does’nt give me any
    feel or vibes as with DOTS. They dont have Chemistry.

  28. Everybody has the right to have an opinion. With that said, i’ve just Watch the 1st episode and i found it boring. Will Watch another couple of épisodes too see…for me no actors are big enough to save a drama if it’s badly written !

  29. Enough is enough I´m coming out of the closet. Yes I was Heirs fan even tho it has become tabo to admit it nowadays I admit to it.

    I´m Minoz but I love PSH so if LMH ever is coming back to Drama after this which is highly doubtful considering he already took 3yrs off without military with military it might be the 7-8yrs from now on I guess but if I want to she him ever be paired with anyone again it has to be PSH. I came to like her alot and I believe they had good chemistry and alot of unfinished bussiness. So I wanna see a repeat of these two and I don´t care whether it is 8-yrs or 10yrs from now on. Just LMH and PSH again thats it

    • lool what? I´m diehard heirs fan until this day and haven’t watched really much since that and doctors. I agree they had good chemistry and wont mind seeing them again together.

      I will give LOTBS a chance because i did not see it yet but hearing good things

      • I was thinking the same what is she/he talking about. HEIRS FAN RIGHT HERE until the end. never far away. Heirs is love

  30. So far, this drama has failed to catch my attention. I feel the same way about this drama as I feel about Heirs. The great cast is there, but the storyline is just “meh”. Even DOTS had a very predictable storyline, but the snappy dialogue, exotic setting, and catchy OST pulled me in. But, for some reason, this story doesn’t excite me… even with LMH and JJH. On the flip side, I found Weightlifting Fairy quite refreshing and surprisingly cute. I guess my tastes just don’t sync with Korean audiences. I’ve liked Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Sweet Stranger and Me, and now Weightlifting Fairy – all dramas with low Korean ratings.

    • Same with you. I love all those dramas you mentioned esp Scarlet Heart. The point is a good drama to one person is the one that resonated to her and she enjoy watching it be it of sub-par quality. Sometimes the comments that irked me are those that imply of the korean audiences taste that govern the quality of the drama. Crappy drama like The Heirs can still get big ratings up to 25% in SK. And btw, LMH is a big Hallyu star, equal as JJH. Ones cannot deny that his starpower also the one that bring in the ratings, not from JJH alone.

  31. Like many commenters here, I am more drawn to the Jeoson era storyline. I got into K drama thanks to LMH’s Faith and City Hunter. LMH was really something in that historical setting and now it comes a bit nostalgic for me to really want to watch him again in a historical backdrop. Writer, plz hear our voices.

  32. Still favor DOTS! JJH’s popular actress(movie?) but not seeing her acting skill! She’s overrated.

    Most Korean actresses who’re ‘poor’ comedy talent because could not laughing with their acting in their characters….., EX: LOTBS’s lead actress…..

  33. The movie is so cool and interesting.
    I can’t believe I’m watching it for the sixth time admist other K-dramas. The two main characters were really great.
    Jun Ji Hyun’s role really suites her.
    Lee Min Ho too.
    I love the drama.

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