Yoon Si Yoon Bundled Up for Arena Magazine and Offered KBS Drama The Best Deliveryman

I love Yoon Si Yoon and if you do too then this post is a double treat. Yoon Si Yoon is reportedly in talks to do his first prime time network drama in three years, coming back in early 2017 with the KBS drama The Best Deliveryman, with the PD of Come Jang Bori and the screenwriter of Joseon Gunman. It’ll be his first network drama since the KBS rom-com Prime Minister and I which he did right before enlisting, and since his discharge from the army he did the cable network jTBC fantasy sageuk Mirror of the Witch. All I ask is that this time he get a leading lady who is talented and legally of age. not one without the other. Since it’s starting to get nippy out, have the second helping of good news with Yoon Si Yoon’s recent winter wear pictorial for Arena Magazine


Yoon Si Yoon Bundled Up for Arena Magazine and Offered KBS Drama The Best Deliveryman — 7 Comments

  1. I too love Yoon Si Yoon and have for many years! So thank you for the Thanksgiving present 😀 ! I was so excited to hear about his new drama and now we just do the leading lady waiting game. Fingers crossed, chanting, offerings of Turkey Day leftovers……

  2. Is it too much to hope Moon Geun Young for the female lead. I miss her so much on screen plus the two baby faced would look adorable together.

  3. He is one of the many talented actors whose works not justified over his pairing with the leading lady. Kim Sae Ron is great except she is a minor.

  4. Excited to see YSY back in dramaland with a main network.

    Like everyone let’s pray he gets a good actress in her 20s as his leading lady.

    He is looking fine in Arena.

  5. I get my weekly dose of YSY by watching 2 Days & 1 night. He’s doing so great at that variety show. This past week episodes with Kim Yoo Jung as the guest star made me realized they will make great OTP too. So hopefully KBS will cast her with YSY for this new drama.

  6. He is looking so handsome like always.

    I’m not yet sure if I want him to choose this particular project but if he does I hope it’s going to be good. And yes I hope he will get a leading lady who is close to his own age. 🙂

  7. I liked MOTW; more the first half than the second half as it did spin it’s wheels a bit. Look forward to his upcoming drama. I liked JG more than many international fans but the writer kind of betrayed the female character a bit (which happens ALL the time) and the story got a bit repetitive in the middle, but I appreciated it showing a very complex time in Korean history. Hope this works out.

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