First Teaser and BTS Video of Hwarang Filming Continues the Awkward Cringe Factor


The level of likely fail headed our way with less than a month from the premiere of KBS sageuk Hwarang appears to be inching higher. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the drama to suck and was quite looking forward to this tale of Shilla era pretty boy warrior scholars, but then it’s become impossible to ignore the ridiculous drama posters and now underwhelming first teaser plus cringy behind-the-scenes video from the set. The upside is from the cast having a blast filming, with leads Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik leading the titular band of brothers Hwarang, with leading lady Go Ara on the side doing her thing whatever it is that is the Shilla equivalent of cheerleader.

Hwarang teaser:

Hwarang BTS:


First Teaser and BTS Video of Hwarang Filming Continues the Awkward Cringe Factor — 21 Comments

  1. I am really going to stop coming to this site because all Koala does is irk my nerves. I was actually fine with the teaser, I didn’t need it to be flashy and be a show off. No offense to Moon Lovers:SHR but it had great posters and these “epic” trailers and teasers just to be a let down in the execution department so I hope that the directing, writing,editing,etc makeup for complaints that Hwarang has had with the posters and other stuff.

    • I am really going to stop reading some people’s comments because I can’t handle people’s opinions when they are different from mine. Let me go surround myself with fellow believers and we will only read what we want to read.

      This isn’t a news site. Get over it.

    • I’m stunned at how rude commenters get on here. It’s like so many check their decency at the door and act unhinged when they load the site.

      Seriously, what is wrong with you? Would you yell shut up and fuck off in public just because someone continuously said something you didn’t like or are you able to put on act like you aren’t a wild animal trapped in a human body in person? I’m hoping it’s the latter. Why not try that on here, I bet you could have some productive and enlightening discussions.

    • you really should stop coming to read sth you dont agree since you cant take it when other ppl’s opinion differ from yours. I dont share all the same sentiments as koala or other fellow commenters. But its our right to feel what we feel and the right to agree to disagree. Exercise some restrain in cursing out, its called decency.

    • People were dissing behind the scene costuming, some of the posters (not all) on Moon Lovers as well. The reality is posters and trailers mean nothing if the writing works and the only way to determine that is to watch the drama. However, trailers are supposed to tempt the viewer so it seems fair game for Koala to say if they do or don’t.

  2. The teaser was okay-ish in my opinion but I still have no idea what the story is supposed to be about other than there’s 4 pretty boys + 1 girl ><

  3. The trailer is fine, partly because I don’t understand a thing. It’s definitely not as cringey as the posters. (I must reiterate that the posters were beyond awful.) But nevertheless the show has literally nothing going for it. The synopsis is just about hwarangs (youth and love) but I’m not sure what’s the real plot here. If it turns out to be a youth drama set in the Shilla era it’ll probably flop pretty bad. I just hope there’s going to be more substance to the whole thing. And that they’ll change the horrible hairstyles.

  4. The first teaser is not attractive at all but I will definitely watch because I am so much into sageuk.
    But those boys….gosh….the way they paraded around and pulling those funny looking playful faces….that was cringey. And the ahjumma hairstyles?

  5. As much as I want to like this drama…I can’t. The hair….I can’t stand the hair!!!! The colorful clothes…too pretty boy.

  6. After MDBC and ML I’m honestly so tired of historical dramas….this looks so underwhelming at least the ML teasers made it look somewhat epic this just looks bland. I love go ara and PSJ but this looks so eh….

  7. Ok, just saw the teaser and is okay, but what I was expecting from a pre-production drama, but I guess is better to have and okay teaser than and a epic teaser/trailer and be let down by story, direction, editing and or acting. I have low expectation for this drama so for now I may start watching from day one or wait for reading recap before start watching
    On a different note looking foward to Goblin.

  8. Wow the cussing! But i somehow have the same question. What’s wrong with the trailer and those BTS, Koala? I don’t see it much different from Moonlover SH though. I do think our personal bias skews our assessment sometimes. But that is ok. We are free to like what we like and be critical of what we don’t.

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