First Teaser for First Kiss for the 7th Time Brings the Hallyu Male Stars Together


The teaser is out  for the  online CF drama by Lotte Duty Free, a harmless confection of topHallyu stars and the feel good theme of an ordinary girl surrounded by 7 male specimens of confection. Lee Cho Hee is a daydreaming Lotte sales girl who gets herself a winky Choi Ji Woo fairy godmother and embarks on a seven man race to get her first kiss. There’s Lee Jun Ki, Park Hae Jin, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Taecyeon, and Kai, basically a oppa or dongsaeng flavor for nearly every female taste out there. This looks cute and would be even more entertaining if it builds in all the meta K-drama tropes in a self-aware and deprecating way. Just because it was commissioned for a brand promotion doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining.

First Kiss for the 7th Time:


First Teaser for First Kiss for the 7th Time Brings the Hallyu Male Stars Together — 40 Comments

  1. Please help me refresh my memory. Lee Cho Hee looks so familiar, so I checked she was on mirror of the witch (her character’s name is Man Wol), but I can’t remember her. It drives me crazy..which one is Man Wol?

    • I think she is one of the gisaeng who had ugly scar on her face and later she got pretty because she wished to be one but was killed by the red mask murderer? I think her character have secret crush on yoon si yoon.

    • the girl with slightly disfigured face, work in gisaeng places, a friend to YSY. She was granted her wish to be beautiful by KSR, but was killed not long after. Her spirit shows YSY an important clue..whihc I cant remember.

  2. OMG…Lee Joon Gi in modern day look. Gosh, I miss that. Kiss me LJG. Kiss Me! Kiss Me! (singing Sixpence None The Richer tune).

  3. they are planning in killing me with all the swooning!! I love Park Hae Jin and Ji Chang Wook and I ADORE LEE Joon Ki and Lee Jong Seok!! swooooooooooooooooon

  4. When are they airing this web drama? How to get to watch it?
    God, Lee Jun Ki looks so hawt. Can I trade the other 6 kisses and combine into 7 hot kisses with LJK? Swoon! Swoon!

  5. Based on the teaser, I think the one who will get her first kiss would be Lee Min Ho since he is the only one who never had that “almost kiss” moment with her. I want Lee Jun Ki’s kiss. Period.

  6. NGL I love Kai so much even if he’s entirely too young for me. I wouldn’t say no to a kiss from any of the other guys bar Park Hae Jin though.

  7. She can kiss any of the other guys but back away from Mr Perfect Lee Joon Gi he is mine. IU couldn’t even get him because of me so what makes her think she can have him jk but serious no. lJG ???

  8. My Lee Jun Ki looking so suave. A guy driving red Ferrari, looking dapper in maroon suit and face like that….Kiss me already, Lee Jun Ki.

  9. I gave my first kiss to my first boyfriend. But I want my forever kiss to be with his royal hotness Lee Jun Ki. Man, why is he so hawt????

    • I think they are trying to capture the “everyday girl” feel. She is a stand in for the audience. All 7 hotties need to be romantic with a normal looking woman. She is on the plain side but a good actress and a scene stealer (the next Kim Seulgi). Perfect combo!

      • i thk although seemingly ordinary, she has her own charms. I love her character in Lucky romance and keep wanting to see more of her then. im glad shes d lead for this

  10. How much do I need to shop in Lotte to meet this fairy and be granted with this wish? I don’t need 7 kisses, I just need one from Lee Jun Ki.

    • Lotte Duty Free recently signed up singer Hwang Chi Yeul as their spokesperson too. His overseas fans are out in droves at the Star Avenue and shopping in the departmental store. Kim Soo Hyun is as popular as ever and his posters are all over the store. 🙂

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