Laughter Aplenty From Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun on the Set of Legend of the Blue

This can’t be an easy drama to film but seeing the leads having so much fun makes the hard work worth it. SBS released new stills for Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun candid shots from the set. I’m still in a hold position on this pairing, Legend of the Blue Sea is entertaining enough to watch for now but Jeon Ji Hyun’s Shim Chung isn’t giving me the background I need to understand her feelings towards Joon Jae, whether from her mermaid antics or whatever it is that has elicited her connection with her in the present. The Joseon scenes work much better in that regard, the serious melancholy mood is lovely and the danger looming from Sung Dong Il‘s greedy merchant. I love that he’s playing the antagonist in the present as well, there is an ominous air around him that’s genuinely disconcerting.


Laughter Aplenty From Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun on the Set of Legend of the Blue — 1 Comment

  1. Usually by ep 3 or 4 for me, I’ll know if the drama or the OTPdoes it for me. Happy to say yay to this – The hour flies by and I’m taking repeated looks at some scenes – all is good thankfully (I haven’t had much luck with dramas recently)

    JJH is the one impressive right off the bat
    Surprisingly LMH seemed a little subdued and off colour.

    But he IS looking mightly fine and hot in saeguk. And I’m loving the “there she goes the bat crazy” look he has when he looks at her in modern times.

    I’m hoping he raises his level as we progress which he’s capable of. i always found LMH to be a good actor who can elevate beyond his pretty boy looks – city hunter proved that. hopefully we see it again

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