Lee Jong Seok Brings Shades of Pinocchio Dal Po Fashion for Cosmpolitan Korea

The remaining two high profile K-dramas of 2016 are here or right around the corner, Legend of the Blue Sea appears a prime time hit straight out of the gate and Goblin rides vaunted expectations on a cable platform. Lee Jong Seok raced to the forefront of the 2017 drama line with news that he was doing screenwriter Park Hye Ryun‘s next year drama While You Were Sleeping. The casting would normally be a slam dunk third go around between the two, with Lee Jong Seok having hit daebak acting twice with Park Hye Ryun’s I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, but news that his leading lady is likely Suzy has garnered mixed reactions. But Suzy’s best performance was arguably in her debut drama Dream High which Park Hye Ryun also wrote so maybe this reunion will also serve Suzy well. All I know is that Lee Jong Seok + Park Hye Ryun’s story is a must watch, and what better reminder than the latest Cosmopolitan Korea spread with Lee Jong Seok looking like his pre-makeover Choi Dal Po incarnation from Pinocchio. Dal Po ya!


Lee Jong Seok Brings Shades of Pinocchio Dal Po Fashion for Cosmpolitan Korea — 11 Comments

  1. LJS is love – as an actor and in visuals.. but c’mon, Suzy?? Seriously?! She is a very pretty girl but honestly, I’ve seen blocks of wood with more emotion than she displays when she “acts”. (That includes her most recent drama outing with KWB)
    Please, drama gods out there, switch it up! ^^

    • +1…
      I thought maybe, maybe she got some tips from bae but nah. Could make myself start watch the her last drama (even though I love that bad boy KWB)

  2. LJS looks great and he’s one of the better actors of his generation but Suzy…. people have made excuse after excuse for her, saying she’ll be good if this or that writer/PD/costar/production adjusts to her poor skills, but her acting is still dire.

    Thankfully LJS likes to work a lot so hopefully he’ll do another drama soon after this so we can forget his pairing with Suzy.

  3. His acting in W caught my eyes, his emotional scene when he met his creator for the first time was daebak and it seems he shines in emotional scenes the best. As for this one I think I will check it if the reviews for suzy’s acting turn out good.

    • even if reviews for Suzy’s acting won’t be good, still check out the drama mainly due to the pairing of the scriptwriter and Lee Jong Suk. they’re match-made in heaven so far.

  4. Whoever LJS is paired with does not matter. So long LJS is in it I am confident he will be able to carry the show. Loved him he is a very talented actor. It is enough for me to just see him in a show!!!

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