Second Preview for Hwarang Plays Up Shilla Era Warrior Training Hijinks


It’s December which means KBS is mere weeks away from premiering its flower boy sageuk Hwarang in the Mon-Tues time slot. The network hit a homerun this year already with youth romance sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds but this one is different from tone to narrative conceit. Hwarang’s just released second preview makes it seem like a Shilla era army training drama, putting the male leads in cohabitation and warrior training shenanigans complete with sleeping and showering together. It doesn’t even seen homoerotic, more boys being idiots together. The ridiculous hairstyles look less awkward when the male leads are in motion rather than doing the mannequin challenge for poster shooting.

Second preview for Hwarang:


Second Preview for Hwarang Plays Up Shilla Era Warrior Training Hijinks — 2 Comments

  1. I think Go Ara is a pretty girl but idk what’s with the styling or the make-up, she looks like a drag queen in here.
    And Park Hyung Sik styling is still cringeworthy and idk who’s that dude but the constant winking really irked me. I mean, I know it’s selling the pretty boy youthful bromance or whatever but the winking is a bit too much, seems like the dude kind of shouting in his mind “Look, I am hawt!”
    I am not shutting down the possibility of watching. I was less than thrilled with MDBC teaser and trailer back then, finding them too slapstick and comical yet it turned out to be one of KBS’ jackpots.

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