J-movie Your Name Becomes Insane Runaway Hit in Japan and Asia Box Offices

A phenomenon has been sweeping Japan and now the rest of Asia since the summer, one that is poised to set new records and break old ones. All of Japan has been enamored of anime movie Your Name since its premiere three months ago in late August 2016. In just three months the movie has become the highest grossing movie in Japan for 2016, currently standing at $175 million US dollars, with the second highest grossing movie of the year being the new Godzilla remake coming in at way less than half at $75 million US dollars.

In three months Your Name has blown away the box office competition by multiples, and also rocketed up the highest grossing movie in Japan of all time chart – it’s already surpassed two Hayao Miyazaki anime movies Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. Japan’s all time number 1 movie is far and away Miyazaki’s Spirited Away at $289 million dollars so that record may still stand but for Your Name to become the second highest grossing anime movie of all time over the other Miyazaki movies is quite a feat. Your Name is currently number 5 on the all time list and will definitely surpass the first Harry Potter movie at 4, and may even pass Frozen at number 3, with number 2 being Titanic.

I’m still waiting to watch the movie but those who have seen it feel free to explain why this movie is such an insane hit. Visually it’s beautiful but so many anime movies from Japan have similar high quality so I’m guessing the story is what’s keeping audiences hooked and heading to the theaters.

Your Name trailer (English sub):

Your Name trailer (English dub):


J-movie Your Name Becomes Insane Runaway Hit in Japan and Asia Box Offices — 28 Comments

    • Both movies are made by the same team. Hence the same quality. However, Your Name gives you more hope than 5CPS since YN it’s all about meeting your love even if it’s that dimensionally and realistically impossible.

  1. The movie was visually beautiful…and had awesome songs. It could’ve done more with the story. Not that it wasn’t good but just a smidge unsatisfying is all.

  2. wow, just from the subbed trailer the story is very unique! looking forward to it since i am a fan of the director! no one beats hayao miyazaki for me though! awaiting him!

  3. The story is touching and full of hope, makes you believe in destiny once again. Actually the first time for me to get teary-eyed watching cartoons. I hope they make a live-action version of this movie.

  4. I saw it in July at AX Convention. Everyone agreed it was a great movie. Unexpected. It made you laugh and cry. Men were also saying the same thing so it touched both sexes. I highly recommend it.

  5. Yes it was visually amazing but tbh I didn’t really love it. Perhaps just liked it. I think there are better anime movies that I’ve watched.

  6. putting aside the story, the environment scenes really deserve the big screen, its pure eye candy. accompanied with some awesome ear candies.

  7. The hype is because of the director and his work being highly anticipated. And though this anticipation was so great, the movie managed to live up and exceed everyone’s expectation making it worth your while to watch. My only wish is that they made it a series instead but oh well they profited more producing it a film.

  8. It was still in theatres when I visited Tokyo in October, sadly I couldn’t find a screening with English subtitles. But even from the little I was able to understand, it’s a great movie and deserves its love.

  9. The plot is lacking, the story and ending looks so rushed and I didnt connect to the character at all. Disapointing movie overall, I regret watching it and dont get all this hype

  10. I watched the movie two weekends ago and absolutely loved it. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie. The story is nothing new, the characters are nothing special but there was just something about the movie that I loved and I guess it was that something that has drawn everyone into loving the movie as well.
    I don’t think the ending was rushed, the pace was of the latter half of the movie was definitely faster but it felt fine the first half of the movie had built up to it.

    But I agree with others this movie was full of hope, not like optimism but sincere hope with a touch of destiny and with so much that has happened in the real world this just seems to touch upon something that most people have forgotten.

  11. I just randomly watched this movie during my flight without knowing that it’s a famous movie. But this movie has the charm that keep me watching and watching, don’t know how to describe it, but it just hook me to watch until finish.

  12. I like how the story progressed, but I was really won over by how perfect the songs (especially the one in the ending), matched every scene. ?

  13. Its “The mailbox” meet “freaky friday” meet “sleepy in seattle” meet “Love letter” in anime world. the music further drives the movie further.

  14. the plot keeps you rooting for the protagonists..
    the characters developed beautifully and they are highly relatable
    the concept of nostalgia supernatural red string of fate animation and music makes it a winner

  15. you should have mention the nmae: MAKOTO SHINKAI
    Makoto Shinkai deserves this so much, he has been doing sublime, absolutely beautiful movies and was already famous but still overshadowed, I hope other brilliant anime directors get the same success

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