Update on Expectant TW- and C-actresses Looking Enviably Beautiful

Weddings were the celebratory event of choice for Chinese and Taiwanese stars this past summer of 2016 and now it’s onward to welcoming babies. A status update on four high profile actresses expecting babies this winter. Actress and model Sonia Sui did a selfie last week of herself in a form fitting red strapless dress while 7 months pregnant, giving new meaning to body goals while pregnant. Michelle Chen is the first to welcome her bundle of joy, expecting the arrival in last December with her husband Chen Xiao. Her best friends led by Rainie Yang held a baby shower this weekend and posted cute pics on their SNS. Ruby Lin is slowing down her entertainment schedule as she enters the last trimester of her pregnancy, ready to welcome her bundle of joy in two months with husband Wallace Huo. And last but not least is C-actress Angelababy who is just 5 months pregnant but spotted with husband Huang Xiaoming arriving in Taiwan this weekend for a fanmeeting. Looking lovely, ladies!


Update on Expectant TW- and C-actresses Looking Enviably Beautiful — 5 Comments

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