The Princess Weiyoung Costars Tan Yang and Luo Jin Confirm Relationship with Throwback Childhood Picture Together

Happy tidings and well wishes are pouring forth as Chinese entertainment was hit with the soft lob of a love rocket. C-actress Tang Yan and C-actor Luo Jin have confirmed long running suspicion/fanship dream of a romantic relationship, making it Tang Yan’s first confirmed boyfriend since her very messy and very public split with TW-actor Roy Qiu four years ago. The timing couldn’t be better for both stars as they are currently costaring as romantic leads in the airing period drama The Princess Weiyoung, which is a reunion after they did Agent X back in 2012. On December 6th Luo Jin posted a public weibo wishing his beloved a happy birthday alongside a photoshopped picture of the two as insanely adorable children together, too bad they didn’t actually know each other since childhood. Still super cuuuuute, I can’t even! Tang Yan answered back on weibo “So it was you” with a pun so the phrase also means “It was always destined to be you.” Grah, these two are giving me cavities of the good kind and I’m wishing them happiness and success together!



The Princess Weiyoung Costars Tan Yang and Luo Jin Confirm Relationship with Throwback Childhood Picture Together — 22 Comments

  1. I am enjoying PW and am only about 4 episodes behind. Love the shorter episode length in C-Dramas. I think this is as good as I’ve seen Tan Yang in a drama though I certainly haven’t seen everything she’s done. Best of luck to the couple.

  2. I hate to burst your bubble, Koala, but I’m pretty sure the photo is photoshopped. Chinese news outlets are confirming it as such as well.

    • She has indicated in her post that it’s S photoshopped photo and that it’s too bad they didn’t know each other since childhood

      • Koala edited her article after some folks (like me) pointed out that it was PSed, as she originally thought it was a real photo. If you’re commenting late, then you obviously wouldn’t have seen the original article. It’s not a big deal – let’s move on

    • I remember when that happened and the rage it caused in China….that’s what happens when you extend the drama to the point the lead guy has other contractual obligations.

      • I think that was the best thing that happened to that drama. I actually stopped watching after a few episodes because I couldn’t handle it that she would choose Rain over Luo Jin. He was such an awesome friend and loved her for who she was. And he was hilarious! I came back to watch the last few episodes after finding out they extended the drama and changed the OTP at the end. Best news ever IMO! So happy they went from a REEL to REAL relationship. They have amazing chemistry =)

  3. Congratulations to the two! Humm i wonder why sone comments are hinting that this is photoshopped, when this article clearly state that it is a photoshopped photo of the two when they were young?

  4. I’m so happy for them! When I saw the news this morning, my reaction was, “FINALLY!” I mean, everyone had a suspicion that they were dating. Starring in four dramas together as a couple (that’s quite a feat!), the number of rumors surrounding their relationship, and the fact that paparazzi recently caught them being really close, it was no wonder that they were together. But the fact that they finally admitted it puts the icing on the cake. Congrats to them, and I hope we hear wedding bells soon!

    (And now people are talking about how another of Hu Ge’s female co-stars has been taken and that 胡椒’s are worried that Hu Ge will end up alone. Because of that, Ady An recently was on the top search chart in Weibo since she was one of Hu Ge’s co-stars in Chinese Paladin. 可老胡还有我呢~)

  5. They look fabulous together. He seem like a great guy. I am really happy for Tang Yan. By the way, I’m super enjoying Princess Wei Young and I like female centric drama. I can’t believing myself that I follow thru the drama without FF. Wow, great improvement on C-drama.

  6. Great news. I love them as couple. And even happier they are together in real life. I almost drop diamond lover but back to watch it after my friend confirmed that mi duo ended with lei yi ming at the end.

  7. I love the fact that they are together as a couple in real life! Princess Wei Yang was a really great drama to watch. You could see as he looked at her the love he was feeling as well as her when she finally admits that she does love him. Luo Jin is so handsome and I feel like he is a better match for Tang Yan than her ex Roy Chiu. Luo Jin looks more manly and mature in nature while Roy Chiu is cute but he looks like a playboy. Wishing Luo Jin and Tang Yang many blessings of love, compassion and a great life together!

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