Hyun Bin Attends Menswear Brand Event and Agency Confirms Drama and Movie Return in 2017

This month of December has been Hyun Bin heavy in terms of news and promotions. His new movie Confidential Assignment (Korean title Cooperation) with Yoo Hae Jin is out and he’s in a new relationship with K-actress Kang Sora. His agency has made a statement that Hyun Bin is considering many drama and film offers for 2017 and plans to do a project in both mediums, with a goal at invigorating his acting works after some disappointments in recent years with multiple personality flop Hyde, Jekyll, Me and sageuk political movie Fatal Encounter. He’s entertaining the sci-fi drama City of Stars which is a project that I think he should take as a first in K-drama land and also a great role in flight pilot turned astronaut. Aside from his acting projects next year, I also hope his new romance with Kang Sora makes both happy and mutually supportive and successful.


Hyun Bin Attends Menswear Brand Event and Agency Confirms Drama and Movie Return in 2017 — 9 Comments

  1. What’s wrong with Hyun Bin’s face? He looks tired……and his dimples are no longer there. Instead he has lines on his face when he smiles. Are these just bad photos or has he aged in a hurry?

    • He is of the same age with me. Can’t help with the fine lines and stress and various factors contributed a lot to the ageing. Thank goodness I have chubby cheeks so I don’t look so old despite the unavoidable lines and wrinkles. And isn’t it wonderful to see man like Hyun Bin embracing his age instead of going for stuffs like PS and botox just to reverse the effect on the appearance?

  2. Seems theres a tendency to compare these actors’ looks with those seen in their dramas ions ago. Those who watched MNKSS or WW when in their 20s are now in their 30s; those in their 30s are now 40s and so on. So just have a good look in the mirror at ourselves to see the difference then and now. But I suppose we treat actors as aliens who are supposed to keep the boy boy look even after another few decades down the road.

  3. Guys, it calls aging and all of us we’ll have the same thing. How can you expect someone will have the same appearance as in their 20s? I’d rather see him being older than become plastic monster just to maintain his face.

    Some of American actors are more shining when they’re getting older. And I think some of korean stars also like that. And I think though Hyun Bin is not as handsome as in his 20s, he still looking good.

  4. Hyun Bin’s looks has matured now that he is in his mid 30s and he is still a very very good looking man! His looks is very masculine (manly man) and not the flower boy type handsome. This augurs well for him in his career in the coming years he will be able to do more beefy character roles rather being type cast in the romantic idol dramas.

    I find his looks and style in Hyde Jekyll Me more commanding and attractive than when he was in Secret Garden. Maybe I am biased I like his acting in Hyde Jekyll Me although it failed in the ratings. Fighting Binnie Fighting!

  5. For now on all K actors will have a “girlfriend “, manly look, and behavior, that is the only way their work will get into, or consider in Chinese market. Chinese government will no longer allow or support the work on their public television of flower boys or men portraying weak or soft behavior or “mannerism” (lol) bad influence on Chinese youth.

  6. Honestly, I think he looks SO MUCH better now. He looks healthy and fit now versus when he was in Secret Garden. I’ll be happy when Korea can move away from the idea of waif beauty and go towards healthy lifestyles instead. There’s something inherently wrong with encouraging people who already well below their ideal weight to lose even more weight.

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