Legend of the Blue Sea Celebrates Breaking 20% Ratings with BTS Snaps of Happily Filming Cast

While SBS has been rocking and rolling on Mon-Tues with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, which passed the 20% AGB nationwide ratings on its episode 10, it’s still nice mark to reach for the network’s more high profile Wed-Thurs drama Legend of the Blue Sea when it reached that milestone. Even with the high expectations with Legend, coming from the screenwriter of You From Another Star and pairing up leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho, I don’t think the drama getting high teens in ratings during the majority of it’s run is a disappointment. It just didn’t reach the vaulted heights of YFAS but that’s hardly a knock against Legend. I think the ratings are much higher than qualitatively the drama deserves and it’s due to the two leads that I’m┬ákept tuning in. But if the final three episodes can elevate the emotional tension and provide a thoughtful conclusion then it’ll all be worth it for me.


Legend of the Blue Sea Celebrates Breaking 20% Ratings with BTS Snaps of Happily Filming Cast — 10 Comments

  1. I too think 20% is a bit much. I believe it was due to no other drama aired at that time slot. Nevertheless, I hope it maintain the rating till the end.

    It’s obvious SBS wanted to recreate YFAS success & I’m sure the casts & crews felt the same. It’s a pity it didn’t live up to their expectations.

    It’s also doesn’t help that Goblin is currently airing & that drama is getting wayyyy more buzz than Legends. People are just obsessed with Goblin. Thank goodness it didn’t air in the same time slot as Legends because I don’t think it’s going the same rting if were to compete against Goblin

    • Honestly I wonder if it would get this much higher rating without the two popular actors. The story is nothing to write home about, and it’s a recycled plot from YWCFTS. I wish JJH does something different next time, these stereotypical roles with her gags and antics are getting too repetitive.

    • I got bored with LOTBS and finally dropping it last week. I don’t have the interest to watch anymore even though I have only 5 episodes to go. I don’t get the hype about Goblin. It has first 4 solid episodes but then it becomes draggy, full of fillers and only recently pumped back the punches but again, I am done with it. I hope Hwarang won’t dissapoint me. Too many dramas let me down in 2016. Hoping for a well-deserved high ratings drama in 2017, though.

      • I wanted to like LOTBS but I just…. couldn’t….
        I can’t watch beyond episode 3 and to think that at first I was excited to hear Jo Jung Seok was cameo-ing in later episodes!
        The story is nothing to write home about, the acting is so-so, it’s just… meh…
        I’m gonna start Goblin soon and I truly hope it won’t disappoint

      • I’d suggest to people who are a few episodes into Goblin and finding it dragging…try to just enjoy the journey. There’s lots of little things that may appear to be filler the first time you see them but become more important later in the show. The story is far better thought out than most dramas.

        And the same thing goes for those still early into the show and not getting into the OTP. I’ve been seeing and hearing comments from people who were not sold on them in the beginning but at this point in the show have changed their opinion.

        Of course, everyone’s taste is different, and Goblin will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I’m loving it. I consider it one of the best Korean Dramas I’ve ever seen, and that opinion will only change if the last three episodes are seriously disappointing.

  2. JJH wasted her acting on this shit drama. to boost they even give her a shit award to. JJH need to stay far away from this pd/LMH. she need to at with guy that know how to act. not guy that only take his cloth off
    for his dumb fangirl in korean china.

    • Legend of the blue sea is far away from shit though it became boring and dragged alone while the plot developed. And what a sucking hater know about lmh after all? He never needs to take his cloths off to gain fandom in your ‘korean china’. Cause he’s kind of too worthy for that. Lol.Who cares about dumb haters? No one. And don’t act like u know everything about him. That only display ur stupidity. Ignorant crap.

  3. Expected this show to really have very very high ratings because of the highly popular stars, also considering that the 2 stayed out of tv screen since TH and YWCFT! Viewers must miss them! …all the hype about the writer as well as the big promotion from SBS….so getting over the 20% is a relief for their fans. Something is off tho since the show really didn’t have much competition, have a bigger budget, etc. but they are being bested by shows that had less publicity and hype like the 2 doctor shows from this station. I guess the station will sell it for higher price overseas.

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