Preview for Final Episode 20 of Legend of the Blue Sea Hints at Happy Ending

It’s farewell time for the other high profile K-drama currently airing, after Goblin signed off last weekend it will be curtains this Wednesday as Legend of the Blue Sea airs the final episode 20. The drama never lived up to it’s creative premise as a K-drama take on The Little Mermaid tale, turning it into the currently popular idea of reincarnation and love living through multiple lifetimes but never delivering narratively on fleshing out the concepts beyond superficially. It was still a relative ratings hit, with recent episodes finally breaking 20% ratings but never got the broader buzz that it ought to with big name leads Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun onboard. Episode 19 was one of my favorite episodes to date, bringing things nicely together at last and giving the catharsis of the bad guys getting their due. The preview is out for episode 20, with separation and reunion on the horizon.

Preview for episode 20 of Legend of the Blue Sea:


Preview for Final Episode 20 of Legend of the Blue Sea Hints at Happy Ending — 11 Comments

  1. So we get again the scene with the umbrella??

    I wanted to love this drama but never fell in love with it, still I like the drama and will see the last episode. Wonder if we will get a happy ending and the drama will wrap up.

  2. The drama is great but I dont know I didn’t have the excitement to watch it right away. I haven’t watch the last five episodes and I just read recaps. I feel like LMH facial reactions doesn’t really change much, from anger to being confuse , sad and many kind of emotions but he is very handsome, no doubt about it. JJH is the same. A goddess.

    • I stopped watching the full episodes when the evil stepmom plot came to the forefront. That’s saying something because I consider myself a lmh fan for years. I’ll put this here since I cannot on my fan account without being bashed by a portion of his fans, but I know I’m not the only minoz who feel this way.

      Before Lotbs I can still tell myself he’s still young and he can always improve his acting with greats like JJH. He has always been a good crier since BoF days so I’m not surprised he got praise for the death scene. I think doing the Yooha film did him good, he is able to handle quiet scenes much better than before, and part of the reason why I like him is because drama actors tend to overact, but lmh actually uses his eyes a lot instead of other facial expressions. But I have to say he has limited range when it comes to dramatic acting, when it comes to doing more complex emotions, he comes up short. It shows up pointedly when you compare with other seasoned actors, especially in a time when cable dramas have upped their game and are getting movie actors to dramaland. The show is a visual feast and I cannot find fault with the rom com bits, but it is not a show with a good enough plot that people will remember and rewatch.

      I still love him but I wish he can choose more challenging scripts in the future when he comes out from military service. Less commercial engagements and more diverse dramas and movies will do him good in the long run. He has a loyal fanbase but he needs to improve or risk getting all the good roles taken away by the upcoming gen of actors.

  3. Am I the only one who liked LMH’s performance here the most out of all his dramas? At first I thought JJH gonna bury him but I enjoyed his performance even more than JJH’s. He didn’t feel out of her league at any point in the drama.

      • HAhahahahah!!!!!!!! you make me laugh rfefd…me i cannot like this drama coz of the copied scenarios from “splash”movie and sherlock in the early episodes plus the stone acting of LMH, he is not a convincing hynotizer.I like or loved the actor not for his good looks but for his acting ability.when it comes to acting range LMH is meeeehh!!!!!this is the reason i stopped watching LOBTS after episode 3.

  4. on second thought koala said episode 19 is good maybe im going to wacth it and the thing lacking in LOTBS is chemistry of the leads JJh is way more delightful to wacthed in YCFAS her chemistry with KSH is great.

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