Chris Wu Returns to SETTV Idol Dramas with The Perfect Match Costarring Ivy Shao

It’s finally payback time after four long years, and I mean that in a good way with much excitement. Newly minted Golden Bell Best Actor winner Chris Wu, who won for period drama A Touch of Green in late 2016, and also won Best Supporting Actor in 2015 for Wake Up, is going back to SETTV to make an idol drama. Forget asking why, I’m just salivating for him to repay all my love and goodwill for making it through all Substitute Princess/King Flower.

That drama narrative and audience reaction script shuffling remains unparallel in crazy but I had so much frustrating entertainment out of watching it. Chris went on an intense quality drama acting spree for the last three years after doing King Flower but has decided to have some fun by accepting the leading man role in upcoming Friday night idol drama The Perfect Match. He was handed the baton by recent SETTV drama male leads Marcus Chang and Melvin Sia.

Having Marcus around has the added wink wink factor in that the female lead of The Perfect Match will be Ivy Shao who did Back to 1989 with Marcus. The drama premieres in February and may be the one thing to get me back to TW-dramas again.


Chris Wu Returns to SETTV Idol Dramas with The Perfect Match Costarring Ivy Shao — 10 Comments

  1. The Perfect Match will be a cooking drama from what I have heard just like Love Cuisine and Pleasantly Surprised. Unfortunately, those two dramas didn’t leave me with a good impression. I happen to like the T-daily V-focus though with Melvin Sia and Huang Wei Ting that has just ended. Hopefully, the Perfect Match will be as entertaining as that one.

    • I agree with on Love Cuisine. I couldn’t stand Allison Lin… But I really enjoyed Pleasantly Surprised because of Puff Guo, Jasper Liu and even Jolin Chien! I’ll admit the restaurant scene wasn’t realistic enough but the characters were interesting and I loved seeing Puff play a tough working female instead of an innocent sweet girl which is typical in Asian dramas.

      • I liked the first half of Pleasantly Surprised but the latter part got draggy and I didn’t like the angst between the leads. I agree that it is refreshing watching female leads who are more tough and not the usual innocent, kindhearted and poor ones.

  2. Dear Ockoala/Koalasplayground: Thanks for sharing this story with us. I wish you will write more about Chinese entertainment news on this website. There are many big news I don’t find them here, but else where. It seems like 90% of the time you write about Korean entertainment news here. Thank you!

  3. I’m so excited about this!!! I loved Chris Wu in King Flower. He was fantastic in A Touch of Green too. He is one of my favorite actors and I feel like he raises the standard of any drama he’s in. That takes skill, especially when T dramas can get unrealistically silly at times.

    I don’t care how silly they are though. I love them!

    Lots of cooking dramas recently. The King of Romance with Lego Li is pretty hilarious. Cindy Lien plays a sous chef in that one.

  4. I am watching Legos drama which I like but otherwise it’s been blah for me with Twdramas. I am so excited to hear Chris is back. He can be so funny. Really like him.

  5. Currently watching Marcus’ drama. I love him so much. Even some of my friends said he’s not handsome (not like their oppa leeminho, sjk, hyunbin etc) , but he’s far from being a pretty boys. That’s why.

    Whileeee for chris wu (seriously, when i read the title, i was like ‘since when kris wu plays in tw drama, lols, my bad), i miss him in drama. But idol drama? He’s better in serious drama.

    Someone talked about lego’s new drama haha, it was meh in story and chemistry also female lead’s acting. But i like the comedy in it. Not bad.

  6. Second time watching The Perfect Match, loved it.
    Beautiful music.
    My only complaint is not just with this but others, I need the English subtitles, in some episodes especially the last one, they just flash on the screen
    And i am forever having to rewind which spoils the flow.

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