Ji Sung Gets His Drama Win as Defendant Breaks 18% AGB Ratings for Episode 4

Yesterday’s ratings for the Monday prime time K-dramas were on TMnS because AGB was not available and I always report AGB just for consistency, In this case the AGB ratings are out for both Monday and Tuesday airings and the major shocker is just how high the ratings for time slot leader Defendant is. The SBS legal thriller drama brought in 17.3% AGB nationwide for Monday night, a 2.4% increase from last week, and Tuesday’s episode went up another 1.4% to 18.7%. It’s predecessor Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim did not break 18% ratings until episode 6 so this is really a huge win for Ji Sung, also taking into account the failure of his last drama Entertainer. Though I don’t know if viewers are tuning into Defendant because it’s so good, or because the competition is weak.

On the other two networks, Monday night Hwarang actually had the lead over Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People. Hwarang got 9.7% AGB nationwide to Rebel’s 8.9% premiere ratings, but on the second night the ratings switched around with Rebel coming in second at 10% and Hwarang dropping to third at 9.1%.


Ji Sung Gets His Drama Win as Defendant Breaks 18% AGB Ratings for Episode 4 — 17 Comments

  1. I have not started on Defendant but the show is definitely not getting these ratings because the competition is weak. Weak competition was probably what gave LOTBS a leg up. Oh My Geum Bi and Weightlifting Fairy had ratings hovering around 5%. Here, Hwarang and Rebel are getting ratings closer to 10% which are pretty decent.

  2. Wow. So much confusion when yesterday, I read that Hwarang was at the bottom of the pack. Happy that Hwarang still doing decently though I hope, after the big let down at the cliffhanger of episode 14, the rating won’t continue to dip. If it’s not for Park Hyung Shik, I don’t think I have the stomach to continue watching since the writer went hell bent slaughtering his character.

  3. Denfendent is really good, and so is the rebel…. I stopped watching hwarang from episode 6 as i found it really boring. I dont know much about the rebel but i’m going to see defendent until the very end.

  4. Defendant leading after RDTK isn’t shocking but Rebel beat Hwarang right at the 1st week is a pleasant surprise. Good for YKS or the later drama is just so bad?

  5. The drama is really good and deserves its ratings. Rebel had a very cute child version but can’t gauge the story yet while Hwarang despite the eye candy is stagnating and i just wish that the plotline would move even if just a millimeter.

  6. Rebel is surprisingly really good, Kim Sang Joong breaks my heart and this is still in the child portion!

    I can’t wait to see him with Yoon Kyun Sang now.

  7. Ji sung only reason still watch this drama. the lead woman need to put more emtion into her acting. her acting just like suzy hyeri iu. they all no emtion in their acting.

  8. It is good overall.
    Slightly unrealistic, but I am not looking for a legal documentary when I watch Kdramas!

    Mostly because of Ji Sung, but there is enough mystery and pathos to keep me interested. Uhm Ki Joon is doing villain VERY well. You don’t feel like either of them have an edge, you know how when some bad guys are just stupid? It isn’t like that.
    Yoori is fine.
    Oh Chang Suk has an enigmatic role that keeps me watching closely.
    All of his cell mates are Kdrama vets with their own stories we get to hear.

  9. Defendant is AWESOME!!! It is painful in some parts, fast paced, great store, and my heart breaks for Ji Sung….he is acting his tush off…I adore his performance in Kill Me, Heal Me…and it is that intensity that he is bring to this drama…the anguish in his eyes…words can not express.

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