C-actress Jing Tian a Vision in Hit Period C-drama The Glory of the Tang

The Lunar New Year break is in full swing in China, with another week off for folks which means all the movie theaters and television programs are clamoring for the viewership of billions. There are plenty of new C-dramas that premiered over the weekend and the buzzy feedback so far is that period drama The Glory of the Tang is hooking viewers. Set during the golden age of Chinese culture and style, the drama stars movie ingenue Jing Tian (recently seen slaying dragons alongside Matt Damon in The Great Wall) looking insanely beautiful as the drama chronicles her tumultuous rise and fall as a Tang dynasty consort. The supporting cast includes Allen Ren, Regina Wan, and Shu Chang, and those looking for a period C-drama might want to give this one a look.

Preview for Glory of the Tang:


C-actress Jing Tian a Vision in Hit Period C-drama The Glory of the Tang — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve started watching it, two episodes and it’s pretty good so far. A friend told me it’s gonna be a sad ending with the OPT not ending up together…which I never like seeing in a drama but hopefully she’s wrong.

  2. I was frying chicken nuggets when I clicked the preview. I was plan to check my fry when the vid is finish. I thought like kdrama, previews are mostly 2 to 3 mins. I was wondering what took so long to finish. Yay, good I check, 15 mins. Or else i have a burned fried chicken nuggets.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Wow the hair style and hair piece is so beautiful. This Jing Tian got a pretty ancient look. Everything is beautiful. I shall wait till I finish General and I then follow with this drama.

  4. I’m so in love with ancient C-drama. The settings are superb and extravagant. And the dialogue are not to hard to follow. It’s a good sign. Anyone following General and I? Angelababy and Wallace chemistry are really good. Sean Sun is a very smexy villain too. My first time watched his work and i’m hooked! But I’m dissapointed on the beginning of Bei Jie and Ping Ting’s love story. It’s just too short.

    • I really like General and I though I do agree that they should not have rushed through the whole falling in love process. I like that all the characters are fully fleshed out and not cookie cutter. My biggest issue is the director’s use of slow motion. Waaaay too much.

    • I stopped general and i on ep 13? 10? I forget. I couldnt handle watching it anymore. Probably bcuz i prefer something like nirvana in fire. Abb’s acting was meh for me. Wallace didnt help even i like him.
      The chemistry ruined my mood haha.
      Plus editing was terrible. Hmm..

      Not a hater. I like both actors. Just my thought. Preferencr, cant judge.

      • I know what you are saying. I have nothing better to watch so this is good for me. Actually I skipped the middle of the story in the novel and same for drama. I’m looking forward for later part of tthe love story between manhunter and the lady doctor.

      • LOL! Girl, you’re missing out the good parts! LOL! Trust me, I was in the same situation, but because I believed in the storyline, I continued the drama, and boy, it sure was rewarding.

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