Saimdang Drops in Ratings and Chief Kim Takes a Big Leap to Almost Catch Up

Wow, what a huge reversal of ratings fortunes in one short week, but judging by the viewer feedback should come as no surprise. Wed-Thurs K-dramas took divergent paths for the two new premieres from last week – high profile Saimdang: Light’s Diary remained the nightly leader but dropped a big chunk, coming in at 13% AGB nationwide which was a 3.3% drop, whereas Chief Kim rose 5.6% to come a hairsbreadth away at taking the lead with 12.8% ratings. On a side note, castaway Missing 9 is still missing viewers with only 4.8% ratings. I’m sad that Lee Young Ae’s big comeback is turning into a likely bust, as least with respect to how highly anticipated it was, but I always appreciate when good dramas win viewers simply on quality even if it doesn’t have the big name cast.

What do viewers watching both dramas think? And is Missing 9 a good drama that isn’t getting any love that it should?


Saimdang Drops in Ratings and Chief Kim Takes a Big Leap to Almost Catch Up — 29 Comments

  1. I guess while missing 9 has an interesting premise, audience might find it more difficult to relate? Its not a fantasy, but its obv not a slice-of-life kinda stuff, which may perhaps make it lose its appeal to general audience. Also i think many will prefer waiting for it to finish before watching the show in one go..

  2. It could simply be that SSH didn’t show up in the episode!

    The young version of the character, Lee Gyum, is adorable, but THT has proven his drawing power despite his over-the-top stye. His looks work in the saguek garb.

    If I were an ahjumma (cough cough) who could decide what is on tv tonight, I would pick whatever show he was in, too. I don’t actually have to pay attention to enjoy him, ya know?

  3. Saimdang’s first episode was quite interesting (especially the way they showed the relationship between a professor and his student – things like these happen and are quite frustrating). The following episodes are “meh”, to put it nicely. Well, I don’t know, anymore…
    I don’t watch Chief Kim (not impressed with the cast).
    As for Missing 9, if the plot had been written 150 years ago, people would have went gaga over it. But, nowadays, writing such a plot without bringing anything new or interesting to this overused subject won’t ever have any success.

    Off topic: “Defendant” is just perfect (it completely changed my opinion of Ji Sung; he and Uhm Ki Joon are so great in their roles). The drama even has some drops of humor. I didn’t expect it.

  4. Chief Kim is funny!!!!! At least when they don’t focus on the politics plot lol….NGM is amazing.

    Park Hye Soo in Saimdang and SSH’s wooden acting (STILL) ruined Saimdang for me. So bad. It feels like a 2000’s drama also…….

    PHS should go back to 2nd leads……please.

      • Many K-netizens are actually complaining that they are not seeing SSH at all in the first 4 episodes.

      • Agreed. Its dropping in rating is because there isn’t enough SSH. Wait untill they give us the scene where he takes his clothes off. I bet the rating will automatically jump.

  5. Chief Kim is good. It tends to be a tad ridiculous at times but who doesn’t want to be entertained by NGM?

    I don’t think the plot is very special or the concept is extraordinary. It is just that the two male leads are very interesting to watch. They are keeping viewers wondering about their next moves.

    Both actors displayed layered emotions and agendas. They are both cunning in their own ways and perhaps the unpredictable elements and characters engage the audience more than the other shows.

    • I agree. I love both male leads so far. I’m not big on kpop so Jun Ho surprised me and even if he’s a bad guy currently his character and story is interesting enough for me to want to see more of him. I wish I could say the same for the female lead and especially at the end of ep3 I don’t get why she is so rude to Chief Kim – the female lead (character, not actress) needs to get off her high horse. Yul is an arrogant douche and someone we’re not supposed to like initially, but idg her. Chief Kim steals half of the show and the other half I’m just trying to keep interested with her half which is more serious and tedious.

      Only at ep3 though so let’s see if my feelings change.

  6. I love both. Chief Kim is dark and funny and the interactions are great. The baddie prosecutor gone to the evil side and NGM are great. Saimdang is beautifully shot and I am compelled by the story. The youngsters playing saimadang and Lee Gyum are great and their love story is innocent as it is intense. LYE is great in modern day and the same fellow playing Lee Gyum are great. Hope SSH won’t ruin it too much he is punching above his weight with LYE.

    • This drama ratings have dropped drastically even before the SSH appear. In episode 1 SSH only appears one minute, in episode 2 ssh appears 5 minutes. SSH does not exist in episode 3 and 4. Rating episode 4 uglier than ugly episode 3. The ratings are not the fault of SSH. so why do you assume SSH will ruin this drama? This drama has been ruin even before SSH began much

    • lol.본격연예-한밤-9회-01312017/ in this video, the interviewer ask the reporter from China, Japan and Hongkong.
      As it’s an anticipated drama series all across Asia, a number of reporters gathered to interview Yong Ae and Seung Heon.
      “They’re hallyu stars. They’re both huge hallyu stars.”
      Reporter from China said “Everyone’s expectation on this drama is big. It’s because the best actress met the best actor.”
      Reporter from Japan said “Even in Japan, he (ssh) is known to guarantee good show rating.”
      Reporter from Hongkong said “With the coming of Korean Wave, the first Korean actor. Hongkong people came to like was Song Seung Heon.”
      So i don’t understand why people always blame SSH. lol
      Even for Saimdang promotion in Singapore and Japan, they sent SSH not LYA.

  7. saimdang is good enough for a historical drama without the “shocking tragedy” in the 1st week, feel like old school drama that focused on the set up,
    pretty good imo and the world between the past and the present take a good turns,

    probably just me but chief kim strangely make me remember ahdante from the beautiful gongshim refined version

  8. Chief Kim is really funny but I’m already worried about how long it will stay funny before getting consumed by boring company politics. Especially since it is 20 episodes long!

    I’ve already been burned by Beautiful Gong Shim which started incredibly quirky and funny but eventually lost that fun element as the show dragged on. It was a huge dissapointment for me and im even thinking of dropping CK till it’s over like I did with Romamtic Doctor. Sorry to be negative but I am definitely hoping it stays funny and engaging till the end.

    I’m not into Saeguks generally so not watching Saimdang but the big flip in ratings is so interesting. There were a lot of negative netizen comments regarding the female lead from Introverted Boss’ acting in Saimdang and wow, I feel sort of bad for her but mostly embarrassed for her. I wonder if she had reservations about taking these roles but was pushed by her agency? It’s not her fault but whoever pushed for and agreed to casting her in roles (seriously though, she’s got some serious industry connections!) that are over her head . Netizens will ferociously call out good or bad acting so taking on big roles can majorly backfire on a rookie actor if they are not prepared.

  9. As seems to be fairly typical, the new and interesting drama that stands out gets swatted down by bad ratings. I love Missing 9, but I bet it’s just too different for the SK audience.

  10. Chief Kim is so enjoyable. I like both male leads but the second lead is great, the actor is so talented and perfect for the role. I loved him falling for the female lead- he is like a teenager with no experience.

  11. I’m watching Saimdang and as much as I want to like it, I don’t. The opening sequence was intriguing but since then, it’s just too slow for my liking. Definitely interesting but I find myself skimming rather than watching.

  12. I love Saimdang n couldn’t relate to Chief Kim at all. The plot n setting is elaborate n meticulous like having a well prepared meal. The other drama r very instant n more like brainless takeaway to me. Different genre caters to different taste, that’s all.

  13. It’s understandable, the feedback for Saimdang was bad, and I personally find it kind of boring despite my love for Lee Young Ae, and for Missing Nine, I enjoyed the first two episode but the rest is kinda off, at first I thought the show has that kind of urgency vibe like Lost has, but starting from ep 3 it got lighter and it doesn’t feel like they have a sense of urgency anymore, the slapstick comedy doesn’t help either IMO, I want it to be serious…

  14. I am currently watching both shows and like them both for their differences. Chief Kim is quirky and funny with a bit of dark undertone as well as one wonders if/when will Chief Kim being a “baddie” for most of his life will suddenly become a “goodie”? As for Saimdang, its more serious but I like the fact that the story tells of the past which intertwines with the present. Its like reading a novel/ history book and seeing the impact of how such events has to the present as well as the journey of some key characters as to revealing the truth. That is the commonality between both shows – revealing the truth and their telling it in their own way. I never care about ratings, plus SSH for the past 4 episodes has not had a chance to act as yet, he is just passing through.

  15. I think that ep 4 of Chief Kim took the lead today ! The great return of Lee Young Ae is not going to be what they ‘re hoping for ! But who knows it’s only the beginning . I feel sad for Missing 9 , they don’t deserve such bad ratings. It has flows , but it’s not boring.

  16. Koala – To answer your Missing 9 question, I really like it.

    Jung Kyung-ho is doing a great job, but it is an ensemble effort. I really like the cast, the pacing, the WTFery of the unpredictable plot.
    If feels like a cable drama, and maybe it would have found a more loyal audience from that crowd. I think it is the drama I look forward to the most.

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