Song Seung Heon Reveals Relationship of Two Years with Crystal Liu Still Going Strong

Things are looking promising for Song Seung Heon now that high profile sageuk Saimdang: Light’s Diary isn’t a flop right out of the gate. It’s likely all due to the anticipation of Lee Young Ae‘s comeback but at least he’s riding the wave. Chances are he’s pretty stiff in the drama but what else is new when it comes to the oppa with great cheekbones and limited acting range. On the personal life side, with Rain and Kim Tae Hee married that leaves Song Seung Heon and top C-actress girlfriend Crystal Liu holding down the double pretty dating couple fort. Rumors had been circulating last year that the cross-border couple had broken up but Song Seung Heon revealed during the promos for Saimdang and they are still together and going strong after two years. Whatever language they use to communicate seems to be working just fine.

When asked about what he was looking forward to the most going forward, Song Seung Heon expressed envy when he sees families with kids and said he was most looking forward to becoming a good father one day. Awwwww.


Song Seung Heon Reveals Relationship of Two Years with Crystal Liu Still Going Strong — 15 Comments

  1. I’ve been his biggest fan since Autumn in My Heart. I was a bit sad that he’s now dating gorgeous LYF, but, whatever makes him happy; I’ll be happy for him. T.T

  2. All the best wishes for SSH. He’s been single for so long and a good stable relationship is what he needs at his age. The man comes across in his interviews as really frank, humble and adorable, not to mention smashingly handsome.

    As to Saimdang, sadly ratings have taken a deep dip to 13%, with Chief Kim poised to overtake it very soon. The writing and the directing is really bland and dated. What a letdown after so much anticipation.

  3. Try watching Saimdang. First episode alone is a snoozefest. Chief Kim on the hand, despite the comedy being slightly OTT, at least I could stay entertained. But it’s still too early to call a winner.

    Song Seung Heon been pretty low profile lately. And it’s great to see him feeling comfortable both with his career and personal life at this stage of life.

  4. I know what language I would be commununicating with him. *ahem*

    I still need to start watching the drama; not had the time plus after “Goblin” I am reluctant to watch anything at the moment, even the one or two dramas I have going on.

  5. so sad for lee young ae, was expecting this. viewers feedback was negative.ssh has great taste in women lui yi fei and sung yu ri are both beautiful.

  6. I hope they will get married and have children soon. I bet their children will be really cute. Where are they going to live – China or Korea?

    • TBH the same question I had in my mind. Both of them have promising careers in their countries. SSH has businesses in Korea as well. If they’ll marry and live in Korea, LYF will have to sacrifice her princess life in China. Oppa can still give her comfortable life though. Or oppa will move to China and expand his career.

      They will have an ethereal Korean-American (of Chinese descent) baby.

  7. What is their age difference? Both are nice looking. Wonder if she wants to take time from acting to have a child? There is so much competition.

  8. I want our oppa SSH to be happy and I hope that she makes him real happy. I’m sad because I have a giant crush on him
    But he wants to settle down with kids and I’m sure he’ll be a good husband. Love you always oppa.

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