Jo In Sung’s Movie The King Does Well at Box Office and He Expresses Desire to do a Kim Eun Sook Drama

If the happens then I’m totally onboard, and will be yet another coup cast for famed screenwriter Kim Eun Sook. At this point she’s basically unmatched in her ability to deliver hit after drama hit, with even You From Another Star‘s Park Ji Eun unable to match her YFAS success with subsequent dramas Producer and Legend of the Blue Sea. With Goblin all wrapped, Kim Eun Sook has revealed that her next drama will be in early 2018 and likely a sageuk proper. There have been rumors that she wants to work with Kang Dong Won or Won Bin, but now another A-lister has extended his interest to her – Jo In Sung shared in a recent media interview promoting his movie The King with Jung Woo Sung that he’s interested in doing a drama with Kim Eun Sook. He would be a seamless fit for her brand of dialogue heavy and chemistry laden writing, what a match made in drama heaven!


Jo In Sung’s Movie The King Does Well at Box Office and He Expresses Desire to do a Kim Eun Sook Drama — 29 Comments

  1. I find KES to be so overrated by both the K-actors and the viewers. Even when she churns out something crappy, they would happily digest it because they have set the bar that her works need to be placed amongst the highly rated works. Even the more versatile Song Ji Na with superiorr quality of works not being hold in god-ly manner as KES.

    • It’s a matter of one’s preference, I think. Because for me “overrated” is a subjective word.

      I’m not saying her works are perfect. I don’t watch Heirs, and I promise myself I will never watch it. Forever. Something about Heirs makes me want to stay away from it, even without watching it. When it was aired, I avoided all news about Heirs. I know, I know, that’s too extreme. But that’s how I felt.

      I also don’t watch Lovers in Prague. I often skip lots of scenes while watching DotS, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Lovers in Paris … Her works that I truly watch are City Hall and Goblin. Especially Goblin. I don’t know why. It’s just that I felt good and mesmerized watching it. Even now it’s still hard for me to move on 😀

      The actors wanting to do her dramas probably see the viewers reaction or how it effects their fellow actors’ career. Or who knows … probably they also watched it and felt the same way as many of her viewers did. I mean, actors are viewers too.

      Sometimes I find it hard to explain why I love a drama. You just have to feel it. Though I truly understand if there are others who don’t feel the same way as I do 🙂

      • Regardless of whether her works are good or not, one cant’ deny the effect it has on one’s career. Heirs for me, was a disaster, but it shot PSH and KWB to A-list status, and made LMH rise again.

        I believe actors just want the buzz/popularity her projects bring them. Because popularity = CFs = $$$$$

    • KES can’t please everyone but her works were proven to be a hit every single time so i’m sure she wouldn’t mind to be called overrated.

      • IKR?! I’m not even her fan (even though I enjoyed Secret Garden and Goblin), but I’m growing tired reading this kind of comments every times Kim Eun-sook’s name is mentioned.

      • You obviously has a potential to live in North Korea to have the audacity to dictate what people should and should not watch. This goes to say everyone has different opinion on her. Some watching her works and never understand what’s the hype when other writers also churned out something similar. It’s already a brand of hype that she has established which led the actors and viewers to have high regard on her. Just like how Chanel may be could come up with bags made of toilet paper and people still willing to pay thousand because of the brand despite the subpar quality.

      • LOL. How do you even know that our opinion is different. Maybe we have the same opinion, only that ones choose to say it out loud and the other ones choose to focus on different aspects since they don’t see the point of saying things that have been said over and over again by tons of other people.

    • LOL. Some people just could not accept others’ opinion that deviate from theirs. With all due respect for other writers, yea, I agree that she is so overrated and koreans are all about meriting popularity and not quality, so I am not surprised why all these actors so interested to work with her especially those that are no longer relevant.

      • It’s true her works are popular, but she’s not overrated IMHO. It’s very rare for me to read articles about her and her works which are not contained any criticism. And try to read netizen comments in those articles, they are not any better. I also never recalled her won any prestigious awards (the awards from tv channels don’t count.

  2. It would be interesting to see her tackle a saguek. Most of her dramas have taken place during the modern age and most seem comedic/romance so a serious saguek will be interesting. Won Bin though?? Does that dude even want to do anymore dramas and movies. Sounds like his hiatus is permanent. Kang dong won needs a good comeback. Since Gong Yoo is a relative of Kang dong won maybe Gong Yoo can convince him. Lol

    • KDW has a stellar, far more stabile carrier in Chungmuro. His movies hit after hit. Even if one movie flops, couple months after he has new hit to wash out that “flop”. I feel like he is extremely comfortable in movie world and KES needs to create something special to him, to bring him back to do drama.

  3. Like it or not, we have to admit she has lots of highly rated dramas, which means most people enjoy her works. Sometimes I don’t understand people who want a ‘more real situation’ in dramas because it’s a DRAMA not real life except the drama based on the true story. People who has miserable life will enjoy something that they can dream on through watching the dramas not the same situation as their life.

    Looking at the first male lead choice by Kim Eun Sook, I guess Jo In Sung isn’t really her ‘type’. She approached Gong Yoo for so many times and worked with more ‘manly looking actors’. But who knows, Jo In Sung wish will come true.

    She said she wanted to try saeguk. Lets see who will get that role.

  4. hahha,, people can be bitter over her works, but she hasn’t failed yet. she proved that she’s number one SW in S.Korea.

    It’s not about one preference, but many people’s preference. And If it’s about a lot of people then it’s all about money money money and popularity. Look at those actors who acted in her dramas, most of them are so freaking popular after her drama. At least, some already took daesang home.

    Gong Yoo probably will get one. But he has a strong rival from Romantic Dr. Kim in drama award. But who knows, sometimes, award ceremony is such a joke. #shrug

    i could picture it well JIS in saeguk costume… yummy 😛

  5. jo in sung rejected dots along side others. i think he regretted his decision.he may work with kes since she has her eye on him. nobody will be able to refuse kes now.

  6. As much as i love JIS but it would be wonderful to see KDW comeback to dramaland. I’m not a big fans of KES before (i even avoid her drama). The only her drama that i enjoy was City Hall, but after Goblin i give her a big good poin in my eyes. I think she can make a wonderful story if it’s involve a litlle bit fantasy or maybe preparing the story long enough. I’m enjoying the saeguk part in Goblin so i hope she can write another fantastic story in that genre.
    Well, actually it would be great if she cast Gong yoo or LDW. Gong yoo and LDW looks so damn hot in the goryeo outfit. But i don’t think she will cast the same actor.

  7. I understand that everyone has different opinions but some people are just rude … some comments come me across as bitter… I like her because she brings hit after hit and I like heirs and for someone to say heirs was a distaster ? So you watched all the 20 episodes knowing it was a disaster ?!!

  8. For a writer to churn out hit after hit, she is definitely doing something right. Just don’t confuse it with great writing. With the exception of City Hall and Secret Garden(which I didn’t like much), I have never been able to love KES works. That said, I can sort of see why people love her dramas. At best, her writing is wonderful escape into fantasy and at worst, it is just slightly more than a fanfiction. Her selection of the male lead also contributes to the drama success. Most of her men have masculine charm except Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho. SJK still looks very flower boy to me but at least he had some acting chops to pull off the role. LMH on the other hand was given the usual KES’ jerk male character but managed to make it worse, no wonder Heirs is the worst KES drama without any redeeming qualities.

  9. I loved Heirs and Secret Garden. KES dramas are addictive for female watchers. Lots of love fantasy. Of course I know it’s not realistic but she knows the female masses taste.

    • Myself and my grown sons love Secret Garden and Heirs. So it’s not just a female thing. Charming, well written, beautifully filmed. Goblin which I started watching because she wrote it was just something out of this world. For us, Kim Eun Sook is a great writer who is able to weave characters and stories magnificently.

  10. At this points besides a few actors like WB and KDW etc I don’t see any actors could say no to her. Alister or not. Whether you like it or not.

  11. Honestly, seeing how her dramas affects an actor carreer, i understand that everybody wants a piece of the cake ! Besides actors who only cares about quality. because like it or not popularity doesn’t mean quality.Is 50 shades of grey the Nobel Prize of literature !…

  12. If only Jung Woo Sung would start clamoring at KES’s door too. Le sigh….I’d be fantasizing about being the female lead. ?

  13. My first Kdrama is “Lovers in Paris” and I have no idea that it was written by KES until it was mentioned during DoTS promo. I didn’t even watch DoTS, I’m not into dramas and I don’t have the time and energy to waste in watching The Heirs because I convinced myself that it has no decent storyline and will probably only sell with teenagers. I did like Gentleman’s Dignity, it was mature and funny. As for Goblin, the story is well-crafted, the Goblin and Reaper are awesome, but Gong Yoo has ZERO chemistry with Kim Go-Eun. Besides, I find the episodes of Goblin agonizingly long, it must be because I’ve been watching Jdramas a lot so I got impatient with 16 episodes Kdramas.

  14. I don’t care about other kdramas, I only care about Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin to date in real life! God, they need to date in real life because of their unending chemistry in It’s Okay, That’s Love!!!

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