Lee Min Ho All Smiles at Innisfree Fan Signing Event

To see the joy on both the star and the fan’s face is such a treat. Lee Min Ho was at the skincare and makeup brand Innisfree fan signing event last week and definitely gave it his all. He was attentive and animated, interacting with fans by signing pictures and shilling for the brand’s natural based products. Some stars get ragged on for half-assing performances or promotional events but Lee Min Ho always gives off the vibe that he’s sincerely giving it his all. He’s like the earnest worker in office dramas that maybe isn’t the born to do the job but gets things done by sheer willpower and a great attitude. I wish his coordi dressed him better for this event, the scarf is awful on top of such uninspiring dull threads. He was hit or miss in the outfits for Legend of the Blue Sea but overall it helped wash away the miasma of Heirs clothing fails.


Lee Min Ho All Smiles at Innisfree Fan Signing Event — 6 Comments

  1. Omg the scarf ..looks like some giveaway by stores who wanna dispose ugly items
    I swear he either digs all these ugly clothes or he has a hell of a stylist with wierd taste
    What is more bizarre is – he kinda look good

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