Kim Ji Won Also in Talks for Leading Lady of KBS Drama Third Rate My Way

There apparently an either/or situation brewing behind the casting scenes for upcoming KBS drama Third Rate My Way. Right after news came out that Chun Woo Hee was in talks for the drama leading lady role, marking her first prime time leading drama appearance as she’s been active only in movies these past years, now comes the followup news that Kim Ji Won is also considering the same role. I hope this tactic doesn’t backfire on KBS and both ladies end up bailing on the drama. Kim Ji Won hit it big last year with Descendants of the Sun even playing just the second female lead so it’s no surprise that she’s being courted for leading lady roles. I like her a lot but so far it’s 0-1 in terms of DotS alums next acting projects with Jin Goo‘s post DotS drama Night Light being a ratings dud.

If either leading lady accepts I’m cool with that, and the leading man in discussion for this drama remains Park Seo Joon as far as I’m aware. I can see the drama getting more youth buzz if Kim Ji Won is cast but movie award winning Chun Woo Hee has her own brand of charisma and charm that would be a breath of fresh air to see on TV.


Kim Ji Won Also in Talks for Leading Lady of KBS Drama Third Rate My Way — 9 Comments

  1. I suppose its on the angle of her face in the top photo. Leighton Meester features can be seen somewhat.
    And also the fact that she played a Blair-esque role in The Heirs.

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