Joy and Lee Hyun Woo Have Picture Perfect Meeting in First Stills From The Liar and His Lover

The mood certainly looks ready for romance in the first stills from upcoming music drama The Liar and His Lover (She Fell in Love with His Lies), based on the popular shoujo manga of the same name. The lighting director must be commended for the exquisite blue and warm wheat in the background of the first meeting of the leads played by Joy and Lee Hyun Woo. She’s the high schooler aspiring singer and he’s the prickly producer seeking musical purity over fame, and theirs is a romance based on lies but also on the meeting on musical soulmates. Whether first time at acting idol Joy is a natural is yet to be seen but she’s a natural in front of the camera in the way she radiates warmth from the image. The pretty is starting to increase my interest in this drama which premieres in late March taking over the Mon-Tues time slot from Introverted Boss.


Joy and Lee Hyun Woo Have Picture Perfect Meeting in First Stills From The Liar and His Lover — 9 Comments

  1. Well i like Joy personally for her personality on television and her idol group but acting wise i need to see. LOL.

    I mean i cannot tolerate bad acting even if im a bias but since she has never done this before, im giving her benefit of doubt.

    Drama please be good and the stills look gorgeous! i hope the whole drama is this pretty.

    I really like the fact that the director is the one directed Marriage Contract. I love the drama

  2. Gosh! How old is Lee Hyun Woo? He looks like a 12yr old in some of the pictures, haha!! I like him though, and wish them success with this 🙂

  3. They are both really pretty but visually, I don’t think they match much. LHW has such a baby face & I’ve always thought Joy comes off more mature than she actually is. She matches manlier/older-looking types. Regardless, I’m interested and will give this drama a go once it comes out! Hopefully it’s akin to weightlifting fairy (the only modern youth drama I’ve been satisfied with in a looooong time).

  4. this is K version of Aki??
    the actreess who play Riko looks good. I dont know about her acting ability though..
    I know LHW can act but based on this poster, he has no charisma to play Aki.
    or maybe this is a cute version of Aki ??

    • Although I like lee hyun woo but I think he’s too cute to be Aki, they should choose older actor to potray Aki. To be honest takeru satou is lil bit too dark for aki because sometimes in manga aki can be a dorky one. Nevertheless I am looking forward to this drama. Their first and second teaser were quite good

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