K-actress Lee Tae Im Debuts Very Different Looks at VIP Movie Premiere After Noticeable Weight Loss

Some transformations make me sit up and pause and that’s the category K-actress Lee Tae Im falls under when she unveiled a brand new her at the VIP movie premiere of Lucid Dream starring Go Soo and Seol Kyung Goo. Lee Tae Im is one of those Korean entertainers¬†I recognize on sight, with supporting roles in dramas and regular appearances on variety shows, and probably the highest profile entertainment story involving her in recent years was the blow up with idol Yewon filming a variety show. She doesn’t elicit either positive or negative reactions from me which is why it’s so startling to see her look noticeably different thanks to a radical slim down. She lost weight and lost her softer cheeks with a very sharp jaw line now. If she likes it then who am I to judge but gosh darn it really is hard to be a star when looking perfectly pretty and skinny still can lead to getting even skinnier down the road.


K-actress Lee Tae Im Debuts Very Different Looks at VIP Movie Premiere After Noticeable Weight Loss — 7 Comments

  1. She still look pretty just that she lose that chubby cheeks. The weight lose is not making her looking sick thin and she appear kinda more matured. I hope she won’t go skinnier than the current one. She looks just fine.

  2. If you all notice, this skinny thing seems like the latest trend among kcelebs. Starting from Park Shin Hye, Suzy, even all the guys now go skinny and have the same sharp jaw look.

  3. I thought she had a beautiful face when it was fuller…..now it being thinner, she looks less interesting? Really had a hard time thinking of a good word, but I like it better fuller. If you saw all the attendees in that premier, Park Shin Hye was one and she had regained her fuller face . I think she just did it for the Doctor role, it did made her look mature. Wished we all can change that easily too!

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