Lee Dong Wook Brings Restrained Intensity to the 11th Anniversary Edition of Arena Magazine

One of the best parts of Goblin is the bromance, it’s not overrated to me and actually quite underplayed considering how much Kim Eun Sook could have milked both the onscreen narrative and the offscreen chemistry of male leads Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. It did overshadow the standard romance but when something works so marvelously it doesn’t need to be second guessed. I’m also thrilled with Lee Dong Wook’s popularity resurgence, based not just on landing a memorable and interesting drama character but using it to showcase his dry humor and reservoirs of controlled emotional intensity. He’s on the cover and pages of the 11th Anniversary Issue of Arena Magazine, though it’s actually 18 years since his acting debut but who cares when the pictorial is supreme eye candy in an overarching shade of dark green warmth.


Lee Dong Wook Brings Restrained Intensity to the 11th Anniversary Edition of Arena Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. Love him, he’s pretty in a manly way….eyes to die for! Love is mysterious aura in films/ drama but so different in variety show. Watch La Dolce Vita, just too handsome!

    • Scarlet opened my eyes to KHN’s good looks. HD, zoomed in shots of his face and I was constantly swooning. His bone structure is to die for also.

      • Guys, we haveee same taste eventho both of them look very different! LDW is my favo with his milky skin and then… KHN is my second one with those great jawline and masculine feature

  2. Goblin didn’t really work for me, but I’m so friggin happy for LDW. The fact he had to practically get down on his knees to get the role makes me sad, but I’m so happy it worked out for him and hope he gets lots of opportunities.

    • He was incredible and his scenes tugged at all my heartstrings, his deadpan comic delivery was on point and I can’t imagine someone else as the reaper, really.

  3. Omgosg he is so beautiful it hurts. Those looks are a gift. I really didn’t think he was all that good looking in Goblin. But I loved him in a woman secret or something like that.

  4. I dint like him in goblin , he had to much pink lipstick on. But hes hot here. The pic in blue, sigh. And even though his lips are coloured here, it don’t distract.

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