KBS New Mon-Tues Drama Ms. Perfect Debuts to Very Low Ratings as Defendant on SBS Hits New Highs

It’s a crazy low ratings premiere for new KBS Mon-Tues drama Ms. Perfect, even by the usual lower ratings standards. The new woman empowerment with a mystery twist arrival premiered with 3.9% AGB nationwide ratings, taking in half of what predecessor Hwarang was getting and Hwarang was considered a ratings disappointment. I’m confused by what Ms. Perfect is about and the promos haven’t made anything stick in an interesting way. Competition continues to be a one-man show as Defendant rose 1.1% to hit 23.3% while MBC‘s sageuk Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People remained steady at 11.9%.

Defendant appears to still rest on the shoulders of Ji Sung, and at the rating of this drama’s ratings rise the viewers remain hooked on his pursuit of justice with his motley crew of fellow jailed chums.


KBS New Mon-Tues Drama Ms. Perfect Debuts to Very Low Ratings as Defendant on SBS Hits New Highs — 6 Comments

  1. When is he gonna catch a break? It’s so depressing that the villain is always one step ahead of Ji Sung, although the tide has just started to turn. Ji Sung is killing it as usual.

  2. I must complain about one stupid Plot hole the drama has:


    He found his daugther, he had a FREAKING cellphone to call his brother in law, and make him found and put his daughter in safety, instead he just takes a picture, and prefers to come back to prison…. to then run away… (????)

    He should let police and media know his daughter is alive, so this way they would not try to kill her, because it would be fishy.

    Dumb, very dumb.

    • The cellphone belongs to his brother in law..in ep.10, his brother in law give js his cellphone…then, js took his daughter’s picture and maybe is found out by cha min ho when js is caught. Remember in ep 11, cha min ho give the phone back to js’s brother in law..

  3. Well any drama jumping in now probably wouldn’t stand much of a chance, but I have to say I’ve heard almost next to nothing about this one.

  4. Hooray Ji Sung! Another new high rating! It’s not that I go by ratings but truly Ji Sung deserves it!
    And the entire crew too!

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