Kim So Hyun Guest Starring in K-drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok and Suzy

It’s amazing to watch child actress turned teen actress Kim So Hyun continue to blossom so beautifully with nary that awkwardness phase. She’s the face of SOUP 2017 Spring collection, all peaches and various shades of blue that capture brightness and classic styling. She was fantastic in her last turn guest starring in the hit drama Goblin, playing a small but pivotal and memorable role as the young queen. She’ll be playing lead in her next drama Ruler: Master of the Mask opposite another grown up former child actor Yoo Seung Ho, but she’s also not letting another potential prime guest starring role pass her by. Kim So Hyun is confirmed to do a cameo in the upcoming Lee Jong Seok and Suzy drama While You Were Sleeping. Her role is described as pivotal in the start of the drama to set things in motion.


Kim So Hyun Guest Starring in K-drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok and Suzy — 11 Comments

  1. it looks like she’s playing suzy’s friend in the drama. Hopefully her cameo is just like in Goblin. despite being a cameo , she left me with such a big impression with her beauty and acting.

    • Me too, I got a good empression of her beauty and acting… even
      a cameo she always makes the viewers will remember her!…
      “Kim So hyun”…. Fighting!.

  2. Suzy is going to be overshadowed by her 5 minutes appearance. Seriously, her agency knows magic tricks, how else does the zero acting talent, mediocre singer Idol keep getting cast.

  3. Why dont they give her a drama of her own?her last drama let’s fight ghost got high ratings for a cable tv drama. I dnt know why she kept accepting cameo roles where she can be the lead star. And for suzy??seriously??i dnt even remember the ratings of her last drama and even the title. Her acting was so bad… anyway i hope kim so hyun will get an offer to lead a good drama this year.. she can be paired to anyone.. her charming beauty and good acting skills stands out in every drama she appeared on..

    • how stark different your comment with another person in another blog. the person in another blog complain that her agency give her too much work(a lead in 3 ep special drama, one lead drama in cable and a bunch of cameos) while her peers only shooting one drama last year.

      anyway, the girl probably still juggling high school and still shooting saeguk right now, and she is the female lead, the one with yoo seungho.

  4. Uhhmm.. I’ll only watch Kim So Hyun’s part but if the story is interesting then maybe i’ll go on. But honestly, I’ll only be watching it for So Hyun ’cause I’m not sure if Suzy can do it. There are many complaints on her acting skills tho.

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